Thursday, November 8, 2007


K loves corndogs lately. This is also true of his father. Both boys were eating their corndogs recently when K decided that he wasnt interested in the hotdog portion of his corndog anymore. I told him to throw it in the trashcan, and as he was on his way there Dad stopped him. This is how the conversation went:

D: Hey, dont throw that away. Let me have it.
K: (Turns angrily around and plants both feet on the ground while waving his finger at dad) NO DADDY! Its my corndog! Not yours... MINE! (turns to throw away the hotdog)
D: Your throwing it away. Bring it to me.
K: (turns again repeating the previous actions.) NO DADDY! Its my corndog! You cant have it! (throws hotdog on ground and stomps on it)

Now i know that as a responsible parent this was not the time to laugh... but seriously! It was hillarious... so of course Daddy and I disolve into laughter while K yells at us, apparently not caring for the fact that we are not taking him seriously.


The Dansies said...

Holy cow it's been forever! How are you guys doing? Kaden is getting so big, but he's looking cute as ever! I'm glad you found us so we could get in touch again!

Seth and Sharon said...

LOL, Thanks for posting this, I can't stop laughing! I'm so glad you have a blog and I can keep up with you guys! The Logan days were awesome!