Monday, November 5, 2007

My sister says that the only thing that sucks about myspace is that everyone is making their profiles private... so you cant snoop them...That is HILLARIOUS! Because isnt that what all this is all about... Checking in on people we know without actualy having to talk to them on a regular basis... but i am totaly sucked in. So here we go!

I thought i would post some halloween pics! We had a BLAST! We had some friends over with their little boy, as well as my in-laws with their kids. We went trunk-or-treating as well as trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. K was in heaven. Going door to door and people give you candy! What could be better for a three year old? I dont know.
The only mar on our day was that K had a run in with the bathtub. He got a deep cut by his eye that was kind of scray because of the amount of blood that came out of it. Couldnt believe it! But it is healing, he just has a nasty black eye... :)


Just Nathan said...

join the club sis...

Seth and Sharon said...

I'm so glad you got on bord! I'm not sure what I did with my time before blogs!