Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Taming Milk

Well... I have a new favorite product! I went out the other day and bought three different curl cremes... because basicaly I am sick to death or having to either straighten or curl my hair every day to have it look decent. I found this stuff... AMAZING! I just put it in after my shower and i dont have to do anything else... seriously... my hair dries wavy without being a frizzy afro, or looking like it has crunchy gel in it, or like it has oily lotion in it. Let me repeat... AMAZING! So if you have wavy crazy hair and are looking for a way to tame it... here you go... I have done the research. WOO HOO!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Well Em Dah! You are 20! I cant believe it! If i had a good memory like you do then i might remember the day mom and dad brought you home. But i dont. I Do however remember a lot of other stuff. So today... on my amazing little sisters birthday i will post her a tribute!!

When we were kids, we used to tell Em that she was adopted. She really didnt look like any of us... looking at her now she kind of does, but then she didnt. Of course telling a little kid she is adopted makes her cry... Among other horrible things i probobly did to her... So on this your 20th birthday... I tell you how profoundly sorry i am. Even though it was probobly really funny at the time. MUAH!

You really annoyed me when we were kids, for whatever reason I cant even remember. But now that we are older i really reall really like you. More than that I really really really love you. You have turned into a truely amazing woman. And you are fast becoming one of my best friends as we get older. You are strong and independant. You know what you want and you are not afraid to fight for it. Even if that is scary and puts you in the middle of Provo Utah. I am so proud of you. I am grateful beyond words that God saw fit to give me not one, but two sisters who are two of the most beautiful and amazing women I know. I will be more than happy to spend eternity with all of my family... I just hope you and chelsea marry people who i will be equaly happy to spend eternity attatched to... ;)

I love you more than words! Happy Birthday and I hope it was a great one!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


So here is our puppy... actualy a cute little critter, too bad they dont stay small forever. It has finaly stopped crying all night. Thank goodness! Below are pictures of K and Daddy with the puppy the first night we got him. This is K "Smile". atractive... i know.
We are headed off to provo for the weekend. It is Em-Dahs birthday. 20!!! Woo hoo! She is awsome and i know that she is missing home, so i want to be there to celebrate with her! Love you Em!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Ok... so if you want to watch somethign entertaining... check out my sisters blog...
There is a video of her dancing and it is HI-larious! Im not even kidding!

Monday, December 10, 2007


So... we have a stupid dog. Can you tell how excited I am about this. The thing is actualy pretty cute now, but of course it will grow up eventualy and be not so cute. But Daddy and K are totaly in love with it so... what can i do. Its a chocolate lab, supposedly a good hunting dog. This means that Daddy will have to train it. We will see... :) Daddy named the dog Camo... as in camoflauge.... hahahaha. At least it is a boy so we wont be having any baby puppies around. Daddy was so excited yesterday about it it was like watching a little boy on christmas. THen K followed suit and i had two little boys dancing around the kitchen excited about their new puppy. James has the camera in his car so i will post pictures later.

Friday, December 7, 2007

sisters in law

Wow... its been a while since i posted. I guess nothing too exciting has been going on. K has just recently discoverd the hole in little boys underwear and what it is used for.. hahahaha! I am making 100 LBS of mashed potatoes for our ward christmas party tomorrow... dont ask how i got roped into that... i really have no idea. I found a cute new shirt at target for 4 dollars! I have been roaming around in capris and snow boots the last few weeks. I havent been in the mood for pants even though it is like 30 degrees around here.

I think that is all for my random thoughts. I am so excited to be home for the holidays. Home as in Cali. I call both places my home. Im extra excited to see my brother. We dont get to see each other often sinc he lives on the east coast, and since next year is our turn at James parents, who knows when we will see each other again.

Its strange how your relationships change when you grow up. When we found out Nate was getting married, it was kind of weird. I mean. My sisters and I were just starting to form our best-friend-sister club. And i wasnt sure that i really wanted another member just yet... but it turned out that Amanda was really cool and now she lives so far away, we dont really get to know each other as well as i would like and that makes me sad... weird huh? So i am really hoping that we will get enough time with her to really become friends while they are there. I write this knowing full well that she will probobly read this and i hope she doesnt take offense to the fact that at first i was weirded out by having my baby brother get married... i really do love you amanda!

On that note... i will depart from you now... sorry no cute pictures today. Maybe next time.