Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Well Em Dah! You are 20! I cant believe it! If i had a good memory like you do then i might remember the day mom and dad brought you home. But i dont. I Do however remember a lot of other stuff. So today... on my amazing little sisters birthday i will post her a tribute!!

When we were kids, we used to tell Em that she was adopted. She really didnt look like any of us... looking at her now she kind of does, but then she didnt. Of course telling a little kid she is adopted makes her cry... Among other horrible things i probobly did to her... So on this your 20th birthday... I tell you how profoundly sorry i am. Even though it was probobly really funny at the time. MUAH!

You really annoyed me when we were kids, for whatever reason I cant even remember. But now that we are older i really reall really like you. More than that I really really really love you. You have turned into a truely amazing woman. And you are fast becoming one of my best friends as we get older. You are strong and independant. You know what you want and you are not afraid to fight for it. Even if that is scary and puts you in the middle of Provo Utah. I am so proud of you. I am grateful beyond words that God saw fit to give me not one, but two sisters who are two of the most beautiful and amazing women I know. I will be more than happy to spend eternity with all of my family... I just hope you and chelsea marry people who i will be equaly happy to spend eternity attatched to... ;)

I love you more than words! Happy Birthday and I hope it was a great one!!!

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