Tuesday, December 23, 2008

this is Ks newborn picture... compare it with As... i think its a little freaky that i have cookie cutter kids... :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

I cant even stand how beautiful she is! My friend EMily took her newborn pics.... she is awsome...

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The kids got to see Santa at teh ward christmas party... Not Ks finest photographic moment... but still fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting Adelynn

I know that it has now been three weeks, but i feel like i need to post about A. A little less than four years ago, after we had K we decided we were ready to have another baby. Because it only took 6 months to get pregnant with K, i figured that it might take a while, but it shouldnt be too bad... WRONG... For three straight years we underwent different treatments. In June of 2007, my awsome grandma said that she would offer some financial help so that we could undergo the more expensive treatments and we plunged in. It turned out to eb more expensive than planned and we had to go into some debt to do it, but after three rounds of shots and finaly IUI, we were pregnant with A!

K was the easiest pregnancy that you could hope for, so i figured that this one would be too... but boy was I wrong... no morning sickness, but i was in constant pain from about 20 weeks on. But on the 17th of November all that didnt matter anymore... she was on her way!

At about 8PM monday i started having contractions they were pretty strong and 2 minutes apart on the dot... i figured that there was no way this was real labor, because it shouldnt start this close together... but after an hour a friend of ours who is a PA told us we better get to the hospital. So off we went. My great friend Ginger came to stay with the kids. Poor girl slept on the floor all night!

We were at the hospital for 2 and a half hours before the doctor decided that he was going to keep me and that this was real labor. At this point my contractions are 1 minute apart (Basicaly constant) and i feel like i am dying! I was going to see how i did without the drugs, but i am not doign well, so i ask for them. I am told that i need to have some labs drawn and get the IV in before they can give me anything. So i tell them to get it done! After blowing two veins and sticking me 8 times, and taking about an hour to get on with it... i finaly have my IV in and my labs drawn, but i have to wait for the results before they can do the epidural. Again... i thoguht i was dying an hour ago... so at this point i not only feel like i am dying but i WANT to die. After i dont knwo how long they finaly get my labs back and call the anestheseologist... but we have to wait for him to drive in to the hospital. And once he gets there he takes about 45 minutes dinking aroun dwith my back before he gets the line in. But still no meds. He tells me to lay on my side so that he can get the meds going... so i Lay down and immidiately i need to push...

So here i am... on my side... no drugs... dying... and she is coming... now! They tellme to wait... (Yeah right) The doctor comes running in and the run to get the warming bed and more nurses... and everyone and thing gets in place just as she makes her appearance... a total of about 3 pushes... I got 2 ccs of the epidural and it didnt take effect till after she was born... nice huh?

It was horrible and very quick... But here she is. I am in awe... It is unbelieveable that i coudl possibly be worthy of this great miracle. While i believe that every baby is a miracle... the improbobility of her existence makes her birth all the more miraculous to me. We waited and hoped and prayed and fasted and finaly here she is. For those who have loved us and supported us through this trial we are greatful beyond measure. for the love and tears and prayers... We can never say thank you enough. Those who know me best know that being a mother has always been my greatest desire....

I cant believe how desprately in love with my children i am. i understand better what my own parents and even my father in heaven feel for me. That crazy love that you cant even begin to understand until you hold your own baby in your arms...

A side note... when we moved here 2 years ago we were filling out adoption papers for LDS services... At this same time our good friends the Stokers were also getting their paperwork done. It seems fitting that as we conclude this heartbreaking journey, that they have too! THe day after A was born, their birth mom gave birth to their baby too! In fact their baby was due the day A was born. crazy huh?! I am so greatful that they have recieved an answer to their prayers, because I couldnt even imagine having A and her not getting her wish too... she is the most amazing mom...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little early... we had a suprise on monday night when i went into labor... And little A made her appearance at 2:11 AM... about 6 hours of labor... i will give more details later... But for now here are some pictures of A and her proud big brother!

Her face is still a little swollen...
7 lb 15 oz.
21 inches

Freshly squeezed

Thursday, November 13, 2008


My friend Erica bought this cute little craft a a fair. It holds all your little bows and clips and was so dang cute... i just had to make one myself... I am so excited! I was looking for a way to store them all!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pictures... finaly

THis is for Emily... i am finaly getting some pictures uploaded for you!

Here is Ks halloween picture! Our scary little ghost!

Here is me at 34 weeks... i dont have any more recent ones... but i am really not much bigger... not sure where exactly this one is in there. If you ever saw me when i was preggers with K you know that this is tiny for me!

And here is an updated picture of our cute little boy. I cant believe how big he is! 4!!! It has gone by so fast i cant even believe it!

I thought that i had taken more pictures than this lately.... but i guess not... hahahaha...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Haloween Pics...

So guess what?! I have some pictures. Granted... i stole them from Emily... but still. Here are some of my favorite pictures from an awesome haloween party our friends the Merrits put on. Adults only so we had a blast!
This is the Merrits who threw this awesome party... she is the road an dhe is road kill... hahaha...

This is the Stokers... he is Moses... and She is the 10 commandmants!

I thought this was funny... this is the Willes... Jeremy is michael Phelps... HAHA...

Johnstuns... i think you can guess...

And finally... us... cops and robbers... a pregnant inmate... hahaha... i had to do some alterations to my costume so it would fit... but it was fun!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

more rattlings...

So still no pics, but ithought i would rattle on a little. I havent mentioned this yet, i dont knwo why, but i am an Aunt for the first time! My Brother in Law and his wife had a baby in August? and she is adorable. We wont get to meet her till next summer, but we have seen pictures and they are certainly enamoured with her!

Daddy went hunting for a week with his dad and two of his brothers. They didnt get anything, but it was a miserable week for me! I nievely thought that i could handle being 8 months pregnant and alone with 2 small children for a week. I almost had a nervous breakdown! But i think i was blessed, because the pain in my pelvis went almost completely away while he was gone and it came back with a vengence the day he got back! crazy... but i am in more pain than ever. I am so greatful for this pregnancy and i still love being pregnant despite the pain...

I am deffinitly nesting. I have stripped and cleaned my couches and i have been having furniture moved to maek room for baby stuff. I have also been trying to organize everythign in preparation. The diaper bag is packed and ready to go. I am making myself wait till next week to pack my bag. I am going to try to talk my doctor into settign an induction date for me so that my mom can be here! So everyone cross their fingers for me! I tihnk this is all for now!

Friday, September 26, 2008

its been a while

So i know that its been a while, and i dont have any pictures because i havent saved any to my jump drive. But I thought i would post anyway. The good news is that i will probobly be induced 2 weeks early! That puts us at about Nov. 15. The bad news is that i borderline for gestational diabetes... so no fun pregnancy food! GRRRRRR>.. but my weight has been really good, so i dont think that there is too much to worry about.

We had a birthday party for K last night. We just invited a few families with Kids Ks age to come for a BBQ. There were a few mishaps, like no propane for the BBQ, and spilt bubbles... and now the parents hate me for giving the kids recorders... hahahaha... We had a piniata which Kami Stoker happily demolished after all the 4 year olds had a shot at it. :) All in all i think it was pretty fun.

Physicaly I dont know how i am going to make it through another 7 weeks of this... I am so happy to be pregnant and i am loving feeling her move inside of me. But at nights and most days lately, i am just in so much pain that its getting riddiculous. The doctor says my pelvis suffered so much trauma from Ks FAT head that that is why it is so painful... and basicly i just have to deal... so i am keeping activity to a minimum... woo hoo... Thats enought complaining though... i am done though... Hope everyone is doign great!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


So i am pretty excited! I just won a bid on a cute bedding set! Most of you know i am not a pink person... but i really like the pink and brown combo... Erin and i have a theory that chocolate brown will be the next avocado green... our kids will all think we were crazy and its gross.... but for now i love it... so here is the pic... I got it so CHEEP too!!!!!

Its a nine piece set so it includes the bumper, sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, comforter, throw pillow, 2 valances, and the toy bag. Pretty good deal for $41 plus shipping! I snaked it from some lady at the last minute. She probably hates my guts but oh well... thanks Dad for teaching me how its done!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pig Wrestling And the Blessing dress...

So we have had a mildly productive week. I hav e been in a bit of pain lately . Apparently A is just hanging out low and causing trouble. But due to this recent development i feel like i need to be getting more dome earlier.... so i got ambitious and made As blessing gown. I kind of modeled it after my wedding dress... i think that it turned out great! The second picture is of the headband i made for it... Cant wait to see her in it... but i must admit.... it is easier to take care of them when they are inside!

In other news... K and his buddies participated in a pig wrestling contest at the fair.... it was HILLARIOUS! He and his friend Brooklyn were the only two who got down and dirty but between the two of them they got their pig! Their team won second place! It was a blast and K was so proud of himself... :) I have a video of the final moments that i will try to post later!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its a...


Here are some shots of A... She looks great and healthy... still on track for the due date. It was really exciting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So i took the kids swimming at the pool the other day... which i thought was pretty brave sinc eneither one swimms without floaties... but there were no casualties and we all had a blast. But i had to post these pictures because face it... K is just so sweet... he put his arm around A as we were leaving and it was just too cute... and then there is him with his infamous hat... i will be so sad when he finaly grows out of it... but then again... chelsea can wear it so maybe he will fit it forever... :)

Today in one of my more brilliant moves I decided that since there was no gas in the van i would walk to free lunch with the kids... yeah.... the school was WAY farther than i thought... i should google it. K rode his boke like he was born to it... he had a blast. It took us over an hour, but i finaly pushed the stroller into the parking lot... my lower back and hips are killing me now but we got some great excersize and K thinks it was an awsome adventure... so i guess it was worth it right? Will i ever be so ridicoulously stupid again? I dont think so... :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last one for today... promise!

Ok... so here is the last post for today... i think i promise... I just wanted to put up the latest picture... this is me at 18 weeks... so its about two weeks old... but it should keep my sisters satisfied for now... :) THis should bring me up to date... :) i will try to be better about blogging... but no promises... :)

Fourth of July Weekend Fiasco

So... we went camping for the fourth of July... it was sooooo much fun. It was just nice to get out and have a nice weekend. We decided not to go to a lake because it woudl eb too crowded, so M and S (my in laws) hooked up their trailer and we packed up our tent and headed out. We were in the minivan and Daddy and M just kept on goiing up this little country road in the mountains... it was acutaly more like a trail.... but we made it was up in the south hills and found a spot. It was great! But on the way down we were forced off the trail by this annoying bog truck... and boom... had a 4 inch hole ripped in the sidewall of the tire... so here we are up on this mountain road and we have no jack... no wrench... and two small kids in the car... great huh>? But Luckily some BLM guuys came by and were able to help us and we were able to get all the way off the mountain on our doughnut... it was such a blessing... i was sure that it would give out on us... but we were able to get to walmart and get new tires... luckily for us the two front ones needed to be replaced anyway... so alls well that ends well!

On to more exciting things... my first atempt at gardening appears to be thus far successful! Check it out! I am so proud!

This is the garden after a few weeks ago...

And here it is now!


A few weeks ago we had a luau for our relief society. It was a BLAST! But when i was about 2, my great grandma bought me this little hula outfit. When i was getting ready for our luau (Which i won best dressed by the way! ) K saw me looking in the box as I got the flower out and he wanted to wear it... so i let him! Here are the highlights of the night!

Here is me with the girls! Thank goodness for good friends! Although Sara had left by this time... :)

Long time

So this is mainly for Em... i promised i would get on today and post! So here we go. THings ahve been pretty crazy lately which is why i havent posted in a while. We got a foster child on the 16th of June I will just call her A on here because i dont know the rules about that kind of stuff... but she is really cute. We have had some struggles getting settled in but it seems like every day is a little better. So here is A... My guess is that she will be home before christmas... But until then we will take good care of her!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Picture Updates!

So i havent posted pictures in a long time so i am going to update a little... :)
Here is a picture of me at almost 14 weeks. With K i didnt take ANY pictures of my pregnant self and i regret it... so this time i decided to bite the bullet...

I also found this CUTE diaper bag and i couldnt resist... so i bought it. I figure that if it is a boy or a girl i dont care because i am a girl and i deserve something cute... so there!

This is my flower basket! Well on its way to being large and in charge. Last summer i bought one and it was kind of expensive and absolutly beautiful! But this year i decided to grow my own... and since i am not known for my green thumb i was nervous... but here we are! I think it looks pretty dang good! If only i could just keep it alive!

And finaly! We had a bassinet from K that i really wasnt the biggest fan of. It was kind of yellowish and ugly... so i recovered it and made this one! I was pretty proud of myself here. It was my first "reapholstering" project... if you can call it that... and i think it was pretty successful!

So all in all its been a productive spring. I planted my first garden and we are yet to see if it will actualy grow, but i am hopeful! Our grass that we seeded last year in the back is coming in pretty well this year, so we are excited about that. On a prtign note... here is a picture of my boys. Its a little old... both have longer hair now. THey just got back from the father and sons campout. I am so proud of Daddy. He is really the best dad. Not many guys woudl take their three year olds camping. But he just loves being with K and the feeling is mutual!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boy Names

So we dont know what we are having yet... but i kind of think that it is going to be a boy. This poses a problem for us since we already ahve a perfect girl name, but we struggle about boy names. So the debate has begun with James more traditional ideas and my not so traditional ideas... :) So i have posted a poll... these are my names i like, and i will get one up later with the names James likes...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Bond

Today we had another ultrasound. The baby is continuing to grow and looks healthy... It was so amazing today because here you can see its little arm buds and a leg bud (there are two you just cant see one) and it was moving around. I took K with me and he was so excited. The ultrasound tech gave him his own copy of the picture and he has been showing everyone the picture of "his baby." We are so excited about this miracle in our lives and it was so good just to see that the baby is doign well!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Reflections of Christ

I just found this on a friends Blog. At the Mesa Arizona temple there is a photography dislpay from their easter pagent. They went on location and shot these amazing pictures about the life of Christ. I am putting the link for the slideshow here. Please watch it. It is amazing. These photos just make His life seem so real...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I dotn know if that is how you spell it... but i am sooooo tired. I was deffinitly not this tired before. I feel bad for Daddy becuase i havent done anythign around the house for like three days. But he is so patient with me...

In other news... Daddy and I got called into the stake presidents office last night... yes... a new calling... no we wont tell yet... :) thats all for now!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just Blogging

So lately I have started being worried about some of the blogs I read... especialy those of young single hot girls... Girls... seriously... there are a lot of freaks out there. Dont put too much info on your blogs. ANy freak could track you down with that stuff....

Today has been a great day. I have been wanting taco bell lately, but Daddy didnt want to go with me... so today one of my friends and i packed up the kids and we went. It was great. Now that i stopped my Glucophage meds, i actualy am feelign a lot better. I am goign to try to be healthier with this pregnancy. With Kaden i was kind of afraid to get much excersize and i ate horribly... not that taco bell is that great. But in general i do try to eat well. I think thats all for now!

Friday, March 28, 2008


So we were going to wait a few weeks to make this public, but everyone is finding out anyway. We are FINALY pregnant! We want to thank everyone who fasted and prayed for us at this time. We love and appriciate you! And are so greatful for all the support!

Monday, March 3, 2008

All Done!

Well folks! We have finished our foster care class... So now we are just waiting for our home study to be written and then we will officially be foster parents!!!! So maybe middle of March we will have more kids in our house! I am so excited for this opporotunity! PS... i cant spell... One of these days i will post pictures of the bedroom... when i remember to upload them onto the thumb drive... Lots of love to all our friends!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just have to say how dang excited i am about the 1200 dollars you get per couple... i just feel that we are being so blessed right now... we really need this money to get some stuff paid for so it is really coming at a great time... tithing is really more of a blessing than anythign! I just know it!
Right now K and i are in montana at my cousins... we are really having a blast... We miss Daddy a ton... but still we are having fun... Love to all!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beautiful Mommy!

So i just have to post about this... K was lookin at the blog right now and he pointed at me and said:
"My mommy! Beautiful Mommy!"

Another Day

Well know that there hasnt been much from me lately! But things are great here! They added another Aerobics class to the schedual so i am goign to try to get to all of them! THat is an house every day and two hours M and W. SO Excitign! I love this place. We are also headed to our 5th foster care class tonight... only 4 more to go... SO hopefully in March we will have a foster kid... we are only going to be takign children under 3 in the hopes that maybe we will be bale to adopt sometime down the road, but if it doesnt happen then thats ok... i am not sure that i would be able to take care of all the challenges that some of these children woudl have for the rest of their lives... but i am excited to be able to take care of these kids for a while at least. I redid the spare bedroom and it is so dang cute! i will post pictures later.... Well... thats it for now!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Its gone

Well... the internet is now gone... so sad. But luckily i have friends that let me mooch occasionaly. Thanks Jen!

Monday, January 14, 2008


So sad... we are getting rid of our internet service... this means that i probobly wont be blogging as much, however, I will still be on... have no fear. This also means less pictures since it iwll take forever to upload them. :) Oh well.. such are the sacrifices we make to pay for our 401K...
So heres to the future!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

new hair and snow

I told KL that i would post a picture of my new hair that she gave me... cutest cut and color job ever! WOO HOO! She is seriously good at what she does. And she owes it all to me... yes... that is right.
Also, in other news... it snowed like CRAZY the other day! So here are some really cute pictures of K playing with the puppy in teh new fallen snow!


Im taking this aerobics class and i just have to say that i LOVE it! for $20 a month i get to go four days a week for an hour and they have daycare! It is so great. It really gets me up and going for the day, and it gives K the chance to play with other kids for an hour each morning. I think it has been really good for him. He learned the word bored... and has been saying it quite a lot lately! He is so much better behaved durring the day now that he has that hour of play time. They have a swinging rope and mats and toys and tunnels. And once a week he is starting gymnastics at the same place. I wasnt going to enroll him, but he really loves it there, so i caved. The woman who runs the place is amazing and she really has her heart in the right place with these aeribics classes. I think it is awsome that she is making it so affordable for moms to get out and get in shape.