Thursday, January 10, 2008


Im taking this aerobics class and i just have to say that i LOVE it! for $20 a month i get to go four days a week for an hour and they have daycare! It is so great. It really gets me up and going for the day, and it gives K the chance to play with other kids for an hour each morning. I think it has been really good for him. He learned the word bored... and has been saying it quite a lot lately! He is so much better behaved durring the day now that he has that hour of play time. They have a swinging rope and mats and toys and tunnels. And once a week he is starting gymnastics at the same place. I wasnt going to enroll him, but he really loves it there, so i caved. The woman who runs the place is amazing and she really has her heart in the right place with these aeribics classes. I think it is awsome that she is making it so affordable for moms to get out and get in shape.

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Wardle Family said...

I didn't know you looked so good in spandex! So where is this place? and what days are pilates? Oh and i'll come get he cheese tonight.. are you go to the RS activity?