Thursday, January 10, 2008

new hair and snow

I told KL that i would post a picture of my new hair that she gave me... cutest cut and color job ever! WOO HOO! She is seriously good at what she does. And she owes it all to me... yes... that is right.
Also, in other news... it snowed like CRAZY the other day! So here are some really cute pictures of K playing with the puppy in teh new fallen snow!


Melanie said...

Cute hair!! I live close to KL...I should give her a call and have her do mine. Great job to KL!! You look cute, Lauren!

Lisa said...

Hey Lady! I LOVE your hair! You have always had great hair, but this has to be one of my faves on you!

Michael and Cordie said...

Your hair looks so cute!! I need a hair cut so bad!! Sorry about the internet!