Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just have to say how dang excited i am about the 1200 dollars you get per couple... i just feel that we are being so blessed right now... we really need this money to get some stuff paid for so it is really coming at a great time... tithing is really more of a blessing than anythign! I just know it!
Right now K and i are in montana at my cousins... we are really having a blast... We miss Daddy a ton... but still we are having fun... Love to all!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beautiful Mommy!

So i just have to post about this... K was lookin at the blog right now and he pointed at me and said:
"My mommy! Beautiful Mommy!"

Another Day

Well know that there hasnt been much from me lately! But things are great here! They added another Aerobics class to the schedual so i am goign to try to get to all of them! THat is an house every day and two hours M and W. SO Excitign! I love this place. We are also headed to our 5th foster care class tonight... only 4 more to go... SO hopefully in March we will have a foster kid... we are only going to be takign children under 3 in the hopes that maybe we will be bale to adopt sometime down the road, but if it doesnt happen then thats ok... i am not sure that i would be able to take care of all the challenges that some of these children woudl have for the rest of their lives... but i am excited to be able to take care of these kids for a while at least. I redid the spare bedroom and it is so dang cute! i will post pictures later.... Well... thats it for now!