Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Beautiful Mommy!

So i just have to post about this... K was lookin at the blog right now and he pointed at me and said:
"My mommy! Beautiful Mommy!"


Jeff and Jen said...

ahhh...so cute and true!

Bestie Club said...

that's precious. did you see my new blog site.. just mine?

K.L. said...

awww..... that's so cute.

you need to send pix's of the new redecorated room. How exciting about the foster care program. Being able to help someone so small... it just a blessing for both parties. i hope all works out!

When ya coming down next?

Lollypop_Gang said...

Beautiful Lauren! Hey girl, I like the haircut. I like the comment you left on my site. That's nice! We just had our fist snow fall of season. 1 1/2 inch. It melted by 11 am. Oh well! Any plans for Valentines?