Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just have to say how dang excited i am about the 1200 dollars you get per couple... i just feel that we are being so blessed right now... we really need this money to get some stuff paid for so it is really coming at a great time... tithing is really more of a blessing than anythign! I just know it!
Right now K and i are in montana at my cousins... we are really having a blast... We miss Daddy a ton... but still we are having fun... Love to all!


Catherine said...

I know what you mean! To bad they are basically taking it out of next years tax return... grrr. Miss ya girl... when r u comig back?

Catherine said...

What I was told is that it is actually just out of our returns on next year
because you will have to report it.. I don't remember how it explained it
but basically it said it is out of next years return... If they over pay you
to bad for them but if not then you just take home that much less of a
return.. I read it in an MSN money report.

Catherine said...

Here is the website to the article.. it expalines it is a tax credit you will have to report next year...

Erin said...

Don't forget the extra $300 for having a kid! Lucky!!!!!!!