Monday, March 3, 2008

All Done!

Well folks! We have finished our foster care class... So now we are just waiting for our home study to be written and then we will officially be foster parents!!!! So maybe middle of March we will have more kids in our house! I am so excited for this opporotunity! PS... i cant spell... One of these days i will post pictures of the bedroom... when i remember to upload them onto the thumb drive... Lots of love to all our friends!


Catherine said...

woo hoo!! exciting times!

Tim and Holly Fowers said...

Congrats!!! Keep the blog posted and we can't wait to hear what happens. This is random, but I saw Skye's blog link on your blog, but it is private. Do you have her email so that I can be invited. Like your blog says, it is fun to snoop and catch up with friends from Logan. Happy Easter!!

Pete and Nae said...

Hey Guys,

It looks like you are keeping busy and staying healthy and happy. That's so great to hear. Do you guys have any foster kids yet?

I loved the pictures of your house- you've done a great job Lauren. We'd love to hear from you guys. Shoot us an email through the other blog and we'll send you our phone numbers :)