Friday, May 30, 2008

Picture Updates!

So i havent posted pictures in a long time so i am going to update a little... :)
Here is a picture of me at almost 14 weeks. With K i didnt take ANY pictures of my pregnant self and i regret it... so this time i decided to bite the bullet...

I also found this CUTE diaper bag and i couldnt resist... so i bought it. I figure that if it is a boy or a girl i dont care because i am a girl and i deserve something cute... so there!

This is my flower basket! Well on its way to being large and in charge. Last summer i bought one and it was kind of expensive and absolutly beautiful! But this year i decided to grow my own... and since i am not known for my green thumb i was nervous... but here we are! I think it looks pretty dang good! If only i could just keep it alive!

And finaly! We had a bassinet from K that i really wasnt the biggest fan of. It was kind of yellowish and ugly... so i recovered it and made this one! I was pretty proud of myself here. It was my first "reapholstering" project... if you can call it that... and i think it was pretty successful!

So all in all its been a productive spring. I planted my first garden and we are yet to see if it will actualy grow, but i am hopeful! Our grass that we seeded last year in the back is coming in pretty well this year, so we are excited about that. On a prtign note... here is a picture of my boys. Its a little old... both have longer hair now. THey just got back from the father and sons campout. I am so proud of Daddy. He is really the best dad. Not many guys woudl take their three year olds camping. But he just loves being with K and the feeling is mutual!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boy Names

So we dont know what we are having yet... but i kind of think that it is going to be a boy. This poses a problem for us since we already ahve a perfect girl name, but we struggle about boy names. So the debate has begun with James more traditional ideas and my not so traditional ideas... :) So i have posted a poll... these are my names i like, and i will get one up later with the names James likes...