Sunday, July 27, 2008


So i am pretty excited! I just won a bid on a cute bedding set! Most of you know i am not a pink person... but i really like the pink and brown combo... Erin and i have a theory that chocolate brown will be the next avocado green... our kids will all think we were crazy and its gross.... but for now i love it... so here is the pic... I got it so CHEEP too!!!!!

Its a nine piece set so it includes the bumper, sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, comforter, throw pillow, 2 valances, and the toy bag. Pretty good deal for $41 plus shipping! I snaked it from some lady at the last minute. She probably hates my guts but oh well... thanks Dad for teaching me how its done!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pig Wrestling And the Blessing dress...

So we have had a mildly productive week. I hav e been in a bit of pain lately . Apparently A is just hanging out low and causing trouble. But due to this recent development i feel like i need to be getting more dome earlier.... so i got ambitious and made As blessing gown. I kind of modeled it after my wedding dress... i think that it turned out great! The second picture is of the headband i made for it... Cant wait to see her in it... but i must admit.... it is easier to take care of them when they are inside!

In other news... K and his buddies participated in a pig wrestling contest at the fair.... it was HILLARIOUS! He and his friend Brooklyn were the only two who got down and dirty but between the two of them they got their pig! Their team won second place! It was a blast and K was so proud of himself... :) I have a video of the final moments that i will try to post later!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its a...


Here are some shots of A... She looks great and healthy... still on track for the due date. It was really exciting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So i took the kids swimming at the pool the other day... which i thought was pretty brave sinc eneither one swimms without floaties... but there were no casualties and we all had a blast. But i had to post these pictures because face it... K is just so sweet... he put his arm around A as we were leaving and it was just too cute... and then there is him with his infamous hat... i will be so sad when he finaly grows out of it... but then again... chelsea can wear it so maybe he will fit it forever... :)

Today in one of my more brilliant moves I decided that since there was no gas in the van i would walk to free lunch with the kids... yeah.... the school was WAY farther than i thought... i should google it. K rode his boke like he was born to it... he had a blast. It took us over an hour, but i finaly pushed the stroller into the parking lot... my lower back and hips are killing me now but we got some great excersize and K thinks it was an awsome adventure... so i guess it was worth it right? Will i ever be so ridicoulously stupid again? I dont think so... :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last one for today... promise!

Ok... so here is the last post for today... i think i promise... I just wanted to put up the latest picture... this is me at 18 weeks... so its about two weeks old... but it should keep my sisters satisfied for now... :) THis should bring me up to date... :) i will try to be better about blogging... but no promises... :)

Fourth of July Weekend Fiasco

So... we went camping for the fourth of July... it was sooooo much fun. It was just nice to get out and have a nice weekend. We decided not to go to a lake because it woudl eb too crowded, so M and S (my in laws) hooked up their trailer and we packed up our tent and headed out. We were in the minivan and Daddy and M just kept on goiing up this little country road in the mountains... it was acutaly more like a trail.... but we made it was up in the south hills and found a spot. It was great! But on the way down we were forced off the trail by this annoying bog truck... and boom... had a 4 inch hole ripped in the sidewall of the tire... so here we are up on this mountain road and we have no jack... no wrench... and two small kids in the car... great huh>? But Luckily some BLM guuys came by and were able to help us and we were able to get all the way off the mountain on our doughnut... it was such a blessing... i was sure that it would give out on us... but we were able to get to walmart and get new tires... luckily for us the two front ones needed to be replaced anyway... so alls well that ends well!

On to more exciting things... my first atempt at gardening appears to be thus far successful! Check it out! I am so proud!

This is the garden after a few weeks ago...

And here it is now!


A few weeks ago we had a luau for our relief society. It was a BLAST! But when i was about 2, my great grandma bought me this little hula outfit. When i was getting ready for our luau (Which i won best dressed by the way! ) K saw me looking in the box as I got the flower out and he wanted to wear it... so i let him! Here are the highlights of the night!

Here is me with the girls! Thank goodness for good friends! Although Sara had left by this time... :)

Long time

So this is mainly for Em... i promised i would get on today and post! So here we go. THings ahve been pretty crazy lately which is why i havent posted in a while. We got a foster child on the 16th of June I will just call her A on here because i dont know the rules about that kind of stuff... but she is really cute. We have had some struggles getting settled in but it seems like every day is a little better. So here is A... My guess is that she will be home before christmas... But until then we will take good care of her!