Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend Fiasco

So... we went camping for the fourth of July... it was sooooo much fun. It was just nice to get out and have a nice weekend. We decided not to go to a lake because it woudl eb too crowded, so M and S (my in laws) hooked up their trailer and we packed up our tent and headed out. We were in the minivan and Daddy and M just kept on goiing up this little country road in the mountains... it was acutaly more like a trail.... but we made it was up in the south hills and found a spot. It was great! But on the way down we were forced off the trail by this annoying bog truck... and boom... had a 4 inch hole ripped in the sidewall of the tire... so here we are up on this mountain road and we have no jack... no wrench... and two small kids in the car... great huh>? But Luckily some BLM guuys came by and were able to help us and we were able to get all the way off the mountain on our doughnut... it was such a blessing... i was sure that it would give out on us... but we were able to get to walmart and get new tires... luckily for us the two front ones needed to be replaced anyway... so alls well that ends well!

On to more exciting things... my first atempt at gardening appears to be thus far successful! Check it out! I am so proud!

This is the garden after a few weeks ago...

And here it is now!

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Brad & Jenni said...

James you must be cursed! You have more car problems than anyone!