Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So i took the kids swimming at the pool the other day... which i thought was pretty brave sinc eneither one swimms without floaties... but there were no casualties and we all had a blast. But i had to post these pictures because face it... K is just so sweet... he put his arm around A as we were leaving and it was just too cute... and then there is him with his infamous hat... i will be so sad when he finaly grows out of it... but then again... chelsea can wear it so maybe he will fit it forever... :)

Today in one of my more brilliant moves I decided that since there was no gas in the van i would walk to free lunch with the kids... yeah.... the school was WAY farther than i thought... i should google it. K rode his boke like he was born to it... he had a blast. It took us over an hour, but i finaly pushed the stroller into the parking lot... my lower back and hips are killing me now but we got some great excersize and K thinks it was an awsome adventure... so i guess it was worth it right? Will i ever be so ridicoulously stupid again? I dont think so... :)


Jamie said...

Look at Kaden's cute little dimple! He's so cute.

The Miller 5 Pack said...

He's going to be a heartbreaker! He is so handsome!