Friday, September 26, 2008

its been a while

So i know that its been a while, and i dont have any pictures because i havent saved any to my jump drive. But I thought i would post anyway. The good news is that i will probobly be induced 2 weeks early! That puts us at about Nov. 15. The bad news is that i borderline for gestational diabetes... so no fun pregnancy food! GRRRRRR>.. but my weight has been really good, so i dont think that there is too much to worry about.

We had a birthday party for K last night. We just invited a few families with Kids Ks age to come for a BBQ. There were a few mishaps, like no propane for the BBQ, and spilt bubbles... and now the parents hate me for giving the kids recorders... hahahaha... We had a piniata which Kami Stoker happily demolished after all the 4 year olds had a shot at it. :) All in all i think it was pretty fun.

Physicaly I dont know how i am going to make it through another 7 weeks of this... I am so happy to be pregnant and i am loving feeling her move inside of me. But at nights and most days lately, i am just in so much pain that its getting riddiculous. The doctor says my pelvis suffered so much trauma from Ks FAT head that that is why it is so painful... and basicly i just have to deal... so i am keeping activity to a minimum... woo hoo... Thats enought complaining though... i am done though... Hope everyone is doign great!