Friday, November 7, 2008

Pictures... finaly

THis is for Emily... i am finaly getting some pictures uploaded for you!

Here is Ks halloween picture! Our scary little ghost!

Here is me at 34 weeks... i dont have any more recent ones... but i am really not much bigger... not sure where exactly this one is in there. If you ever saw me when i was preggers with K you know that this is tiny for me!

And here is an updated picture of our cute little boy. I cant believe how big he is! 4!!! It has gone by so fast i cant even believe it!

I thought that i had taken more pictures than this lately.... but i guess not... hahahaha...


Melanie said...

Cute pictures!! Ya...that is little for you!! :-) But, that's good, right? I am already showing and I am almost 13 weeks. Good grief! Good luck with everything!!

Mame Voelker said...

So cute! Kaden is so big I can't even believe it! BTW You look super cute pregnant!