Tuesday, December 23, 2008

this is Ks newborn picture... compare it with As... i think its a little freaky that i have cookie cutter kids... :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

I cant even stand how beautiful she is! My friend EMily took her newborn pics.... she is awsome...

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The kids got to see Santa at teh ward christmas party... Not Ks finest photographic moment... but still fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting Adelynn

I know that it has now been three weeks, but i feel like i need to post about A. A little less than four years ago, after we had K we decided we were ready to have another baby. Because it only took 6 months to get pregnant with K, i figured that it might take a while, but it shouldnt be too bad... WRONG... For three straight years we underwent different treatments. In June of 2007, my awsome grandma said that she would offer some financial help so that we could undergo the more expensive treatments and we plunged in. It turned out to eb more expensive than planned and we had to go into some debt to do it, but after three rounds of shots and finaly IUI, we were pregnant with A!

K was the easiest pregnancy that you could hope for, so i figured that this one would be too... but boy was I wrong... no morning sickness, but i was in constant pain from about 20 weeks on. But on the 17th of November all that didnt matter anymore... she was on her way!

At about 8PM monday i started having contractions they were pretty strong and 2 minutes apart on the dot... i figured that there was no way this was real labor, because it shouldnt start this close together... but after an hour a friend of ours who is a PA told us we better get to the hospital. So off we went. My great friend Ginger came to stay with the kids. Poor girl slept on the floor all night!

We were at the hospital for 2 and a half hours before the doctor decided that he was going to keep me and that this was real labor. At this point my contractions are 1 minute apart (Basicaly constant) and i feel like i am dying! I was going to see how i did without the drugs, but i am not doign well, so i ask for them. I am told that i need to have some labs drawn and get the IV in before they can give me anything. So i tell them to get it done! After blowing two veins and sticking me 8 times, and taking about an hour to get on with it... i finaly have my IV in and my labs drawn, but i have to wait for the results before they can do the epidural. Again... i thoguht i was dying an hour ago... so at this point i not only feel like i am dying but i WANT to die. After i dont knwo how long they finaly get my labs back and call the anestheseologist... but we have to wait for him to drive in to the hospital. And once he gets there he takes about 45 minutes dinking aroun dwith my back before he gets the line in. But still no meds. He tells me to lay on my side so that he can get the meds going... so i Lay down and immidiately i need to push...

So here i am... on my side... no drugs... dying... and she is coming... now! They tellme to wait... (Yeah right) The doctor comes running in and the run to get the warming bed and more nurses... and everyone and thing gets in place just as she makes her appearance... a total of about 3 pushes... I got 2 ccs of the epidural and it didnt take effect till after she was born... nice huh?

It was horrible and very quick... But here she is. I am in awe... It is unbelieveable that i coudl possibly be worthy of this great miracle. While i believe that every baby is a miracle... the improbobility of her existence makes her birth all the more miraculous to me. We waited and hoped and prayed and fasted and finaly here she is. For those who have loved us and supported us through this trial we are greatful beyond measure. for the love and tears and prayers... We can never say thank you enough. Those who know me best know that being a mother has always been my greatest desire....

I cant believe how desprately in love with my children i am. i understand better what my own parents and even my father in heaven feel for me. That crazy love that you cant even begin to understand until you hold your own baby in your arms...

A side note... when we moved here 2 years ago we were filling out adoption papers for LDS services... At this same time our good friends the Stokers were also getting their paperwork done. It seems fitting that as we conclude this heartbreaking journey, that they have too! THe day after A was born, their birth mom gave birth to their baby too! In fact their baby was due the day A was born. crazy huh?! I am so greatful that they have recieved an answer to their prayers, because I couldnt even imagine having A and her not getting her wish too... she is the most amazing mom...