Monday, January 19, 2009

My neice

When Daddy and i were going to school, his brother and sister in law lived near by. We used to do tons of stuff together, camping, fishing, hunting, game nights. In June it will be three years since we moved here, and they moved to PA so he could do his grad work. We have really missed them! And even more... we missed the birth of our first neice! THis is T. SHe is about three months older than A. The exciting news is that they are done in PA in about May. We are hoping that they will move close. I am so excited for our little girls to get to know each other!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tractors and grandpas

A couple more picture posts...
Here is a picture of Ks new toy... My great Aunt is crazy and decided that K needed a john deere tractor... but not just a toy one... this is what Daddy calls a spoiled brat toy... so if you see K trucking around the neighborhood in his tractor... we didnt buy it for him... :)

I just adore this picture... This is my dad and A. I dont think i need to explain... he looks tough but he is a teddy bear... :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

As Blessing

Here are some pictures from As Blessing. It was great. WE had my family and Daddys family there and it was a very special day for us!

FOr those of you wondering... yes... i made her dress... The boys were all making fun of how long it was... but K calls it her princess dress and i think it was awesome!

K still adores his little "sis". He is very protective of her and ust loves to hold her and look at her... i feel so blessed!