Monday, March 30, 2009


As a pre-cursor to this blog... i need to say. I was extremely hesitant to even post about this. The reason being, the last time we did something like this we felt really bad because some of our good friends were upset that they weren't invited. PLEASE! Dont make us feel bad about this. We really needed this break and it just works out for all of our scheduals and the dynamic between the four of us just works. So we take this weekend every once and a while and have a great time. We love all our friends and i never mean to make anyone feel left out or upset. So MUCH LOVE to all my friends!

Anyway... this weekend was our girls weekend. The four of us took off to Salt Lake for some much needed R&R. Here are some Pics of the adventure! I wish we would have taken more! But alas... it escapes the mind.

Here are some pictures of our midnight Wendys Frosty RUn. MMMMMMM.... Emily was obviously not enthused about having her picture taken.

And here is a Picture of one of the waiters... I personaly dont go for the pony tail thing... but whatever... :)

And here is a shot at the Crocs store.... got some new sandals and my feets are lovin it! Notice my cute new shirt!!!!

When i returned home the house was in relative order... laundry done... and this kids and hubby happy to see me! Thanks to all the husbands for taking the kids and letting us get away!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The end of a rainbow!!!

I stole this from a friend... i have never seen the end of a rainbow before! For some reason this picture makes me feel really happy! I mean... the end of a rainbow always seemed like this big myth.... like it doesnt really exist. And here it it... Hope... on a dreary day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

HIS son

HIS son has had a rough day... Apparently nothing i have been doing has been acceptable all day. The most recent atrocity is that i wouldn't let him have a soda. Never mind that we don't have any more and usually don't have any at all in the house... so after about 10 minutes of screaming and yelling at me. I sent him to his room. When he had calmed down and apologized to me I let him out. Then he told me that it really was my fault because i just wouldn't let him have a soda. SO he started yelling and screaming again... so... back into the room... through the door i hear this

"mom! You better let me out of here! I mean it! If you dont im gonna tell daddy on you! And he believes me!"

All was resolved in time. He finally apologized and gave me a hug. But it was a rough road to get there.

It was a frustrating afternoon. Being a mom can be really hard some days. But there are moments that make it all worth while. That teary hug at the end of the struggle, and the "I love you mom." Make me realize that as hard as it is to fight him, i am trying to mold him into the righteous man that God wants him to be. And that is worth the fight. I just pray daily that i wont fail. :)

I realized that while i meant the title of this blog to imply that K was acting like Daddys child today... ;) By the end of it... i was thinking about it as His son... What a privledge... :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Addys Room

I realized the other day that i had never posted any pictures of As room. So here we go... the finished product.

I used a pearl glaze over the pink... it looks really cool i think... hard to see in pictures though.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stupid Blogger...

I was thinking today that "Man... no one is blogging lately..." Wrong... my blog list is not getting updated... i know... petty... but i am still annoyed. I missed two cool blogs from my friend Jen! GGGGRRRRRRR

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

4 months and other dramas

So... todays blog was going to be all about how a is 4 months old today! I cant believe it has gone by so fast! But events have caused me to blog of other things as well! We started out the day pretty good. It was SOOOOO nice today! And warm, despite the way i have K all bundled up... haha... his Asthma has been acting up REALLY bad lately , so since he really wanted to go outside today i made him bundle up a ton.. he was pretty much sweating. But anyway... He was kind of lethargic, but i figured that that was because he couldnt really breathe very well. Not long after we took these pictures he started throwing up... A LOT... then he was moaning that his stomach hurt really bad. And he looked pathetic enough that i ran him right to the Doctors. They squeezed us in... and long story short... its wasnt just asthma. The poor kid has a really bad ear infection and RSV... so he is currently pumped up on antibiotics and Tylenol and albuteral... Hes a trooper though. JUst kind of sleeping and watching TV.

So on to As 4 month birthday! Here is our beautiful princess... Today was really the first day that we took her outside... And she LOVES it! Unfortunately the girl has my skin so she will be needing a large supply of sunblock throughout her lifetime. Poor kid...

At four months A is pretty much right on track... she has rolled both ways... but never on purpose... and always much to her shock and surprise! Her eyes are still blue and we are rooting for them to stay that way! She isnt sitting up by herself yet, but she is almost there. And she has a very funny almost laugh... like she just cant contain her joy!... but doesnt know how to get it to come out of her mouth. I think its adorable! James has however, gotten one little giggle out of her and she spent the next little while trying to recreate it but could only get a cough sound to come out. She is blowing spit bubbles ALL the time and making quite a slobbery mess at the same time. She us usually DRENCHED down the front of whatever she is wearing. We are loving every minute with our kids and think that they are totally amazing! Way better than your kids... ;) (Come on... i have to think that... ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

new project

SO this is my latest creation... A loves to grab on to the cord on my sweatshirts. I want to encourage her attempts to grasp things but i am not always wearing my sweatshirt and she has the most success at this. So I made her this little square of silky fabric... like 12 inches with all kinds of ribbon and cords looped on it. SUCCESS! She loves it! SHe has been hanging on to it all afternoon!

This is how i found her a little while ago! So cute! Gotta love this baby!

Friday, March 13, 2009


So here are the results... she was obsessed with looking at the camera and didnt want to smile for me though... so we didnt get many smiles... oh well... I think in general i didnt do too bad though. Her hair is coming in lighter now and so it looks a little auburn in some of the pictures...

Baby Pics...

So today i have been trying my hand at photography... thus far... the princess has not been too cooperative, so i have banished her for a nap. But here are two really sweet pictures thus far! Look at those baby blues! If i get some better full body shots i will post them too later... but for now!

And here is the happy couple the other day while we were working out... SO FUN! She was kind of having a bad hair morning...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

As Clothes...

Yesterday i caught K trying on some of As clothes... It was pretty funny... WHen i tried to get a picture of this he took off running. I finally snapped this one as he was running away and he was ticked off... He stomped his foot and said... "I didnt want you to take a picture mom. Boys arent supposed to wear girl clothes." I promised him that i would delete it, but of course i didnt!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Naughty monkey

Just thought i would update some pictures for those of you who love seeing my cute kids... :) A wasn't really cooperating with the smiles but she is still beautiful. K is still just as much in love with her as ever. Here he is being naughty and jumping on the couch. A is figuring out the jumper... And occasionally makes it bounce. Still cant really get much laughter out of her... but she is REALLY trying hard! Its cute!

By the way... i just love her little heart shaped face... i still think she looks like emily... :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Someone in Idaho knows how to cut an a-line...

ME! I went and got my hair cut the other day... i really wanted a drastic A-Line cut. So i told the girl and asked her not to take ANYTHING off the front... So of course she took 2 inches off the front and just cut a cute bob. I loved the layers she did but the general shape sucked... This is the 5th person i have gone to here who has botched my hair... so after a couple of days of brooding over this i finally decided to take matters into my own hands... or scissors as you may say...

A little backround... i have been cutting and coloring other peoples hair for a long time now... not liscenced... just learned by myself... mostly practiced on my sisters... so they had some bad hair a few times, but now i think i am pretty decent at it.

So i have never been brave enough to cut my own hair... but today i did it. Ginger helped out in the back so it was straight but i am pretty proud of myself!

Monday, March 9, 2009

So begins another sucky day...

I got a call at 7:30 this morning... it was Daddy. We just put two new fuel pumps in his truck. On the way to work the truck stuttered and died... he said it is acting like the fuel pump again. I dont know. But the van needs work too so he cant keep driving it to work... so it looks like we need to buy a new car. This would be awesome if we had the money in the budget for a car payment... But there is really no choice right now since without a reliable car he cant get to work and without work we wont have money in the budget for anything... man this is so fun! So our truck sits on the side of the road for now and i am sorely tempted to just drive it off a cliff... however that would require it to be driveable... hmmmm... And so begins another sucky day... i have been feeling a lot of those lately...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kaden is a crack up...

So it feels like everyone is posting lately about how sweet their kids prayers are... K does have very sweet prayers most of the time. A few weeks ago when my sister was in a car accident he started to pray that she would be safe and happy... now he prays for her every night. Its cute... but tonight he was cracking me up... i am not sure what set this off but it was all i could do to keep a straight face.

"And thank you for my really cool friends... especially my really cool dirt friend. (this is his friend Evan... he knows his name but the first time they played they were playing in the dirt... hence the nickname.) And me cuz im really cool. And bless all my really cool friends too...." And the prayer continues for a few minutes... "and thank you for sending Jesus and Joseph smith who prayed in the grass and the devil told him not too... because they are soooo cool."

Apparently the word today is cool. I just love that little boy. He is always reminding me what is really important in life. Bringing a smile to my face. melting my heart. And of course driving my crazy sometimes. But overall he is one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ben 10 and the IPOD

We have gotten rid of our cable... All in all it has actually been a really positive experience. We dont just watch whatever crap is on TV. But K has a friend. He and this friend love to talk about Ben 10 (which is on cable). THey each have an omnitrix, which is the watch that ben 10 uses to turn into an alien. This friend doesnt have cable either, but they do have some videos. SO this is the backround behind the next part of my story.

I decided that i dont want to buy DVDs anymore. Our DVDs always get scratched and then it is a total waste of money. So we bought an external hard drive a while ago and decided to just buy our movies on ITunes... i figured that there had to be a way to watch our itunes movies on the TV... low and behold there is!!! I found a cable that connects the IPOD to the tv. in stores it is like 50 but on EBAY i gor it for like 13. SWEET! So now when we want to watch a movie i move it from the hard drive to the IPOD and we watch it.... i am thinking this is AWESOME!

So K misses Ben 10... i checked ITunes and i got 13 episodes for $13... so now k can watch ben 10... and its only 20 min of TV as opposed to a cartoon turning into another cartoon and another.... much easier to monitor his TV this way... man... i love this new set up...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Awesome Erin

First of all... look how big she is getting! I cant believe she can hold herself up like that already. I am actualy a bad mom and havent been doing much tummy time with her. So when i put her down today i wasnt expecting much... but dang! She is so strong and she liked being on her tummy for a while until she got too tired.

Now on to the main point of my post! One of my best friends in the whole world, Erin, was pretty much Ks second mom until we moved to Idaho. When he was a baby she made this little yarn ball which he adored. I have been tryin got get A to hold on to things, but she hasnt quite been able to get it yet. THen i thought about the yarn ball... Of course this isnt the actual one she made... i just made another one. But DANG... she loves it! And she can hold on to it. Erin... you are brilliant!

Another brillianr Erin moment... She bought A this tummy mat from Ikea... i think it is so cool! And she really likes it. SO... Erin... i am forever in your debt! I miss you and love you!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Thank you guys for the comments... im glad i have good friends to bring me up when i need it.

Bad Days

Sorry... but there are no pictures today. I just feel like venting. so if you aren't in the mood for it, thats cool... i dont mind. Go ahead and check back in another day... ;)

We have been so excited these last few weeks because we just got our credit card payed off from all the fertility treatments with A... IT was a big accomplishment for us and a huge load off our minds. With the economy and the prophets continued advisement to stay out of debt we really made it a priority.

So... not even a month debt free... and i need two root canals, and the other day another tooth broke. The dentist needs to be paid off in three months... not to mention the monthly payments we are making to the hospital and doctor for As birth. It looks like in order to make it all work we are going to have to rack up the credit card again. A certain family member has offered to help numerous times... but it would cause way to much family drama i think... so it really isn't worth it.

I have faith that it will all work out... really i do. I would really just like to see how it is going to work out so i can stop stressing. I feel so blessed lately that i feel like a real tool for complaining. But it has just been a bad couple of days. So i needed to vent. Thanks for putting up with it.