Wednesday, March 18, 2009

4 months and other dramas

So... todays blog was going to be all about how a is 4 months old today! I cant believe it has gone by so fast! But events have caused me to blog of other things as well! We started out the day pretty good. It was SOOOOO nice today! And warm, despite the way i have K all bundled up... haha... his Asthma has been acting up REALLY bad lately , so since he really wanted to go outside today i made him bundle up a ton.. he was pretty much sweating. But anyway... He was kind of lethargic, but i figured that that was because he couldnt really breathe very well. Not long after we took these pictures he started throwing up... A LOT... then he was moaning that his stomach hurt really bad. And he looked pathetic enough that i ran him right to the Doctors. They squeezed us in... and long story short... its wasnt just asthma. The poor kid has a really bad ear infection and RSV... so he is currently pumped up on antibiotics and Tylenol and albuteral... Hes a trooper though. JUst kind of sleeping and watching TV.

So on to As 4 month birthday! Here is our beautiful princess... Today was really the first day that we took her outside... And she LOVES it! Unfortunately the girl has my skin so she will be needing a large supply of sunblock throughout her lifetime. Poor kid...

At four months A is pretty much right on track... she has rolled both ways... but never on purpose... and always much to her shock and surprise! Her eyes are still blue and we are rooting for them to stay that way! She isnt sitting up by herself yet, but she is almost there. And she has a very funny almost laugh... like she just cant contain her joy!... but doesnt know how to get it to come out of her mouth. I think its adorable! James has however, gotten one little giggle out of her and she spent the next little while trying to recreate it but could only get a cough sound to come out. She is blowing spit bubbles ALL the time and making quite a slobbery mess at the same time. She us usually DRENCHED down the front of whatever she is wearing. We are loving every minute with our kids and think that they are totally amazing! Way better than your kids... ;) (Come on... i have to think that... ;)

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