Friday, March 6, 2009

Ben 10 and the IPOD

We have gotten rid of our cable... All in all it has actually been a really positive experience. We dont just watch whatever crap is on TV. But K has a friend. He and this friend love to talk about Ben 10 (which is on cable). THey each have an omnitrix, which is the watch that ben 10 uses to turn into an alien. This friend doesnt have cable either, but they do have some videos. SO this is the backround behind the next part of my story.

I decided that i dont want to buy DVDs anymore. Our DVDs always get scratched and then it is a total waste of money. So we bought an external hard drive a while ago and decided to just buy our movies on ITunes... i figured that there had to be a way to watch our itunes movies on the TV... low and behold there is!!! I found a cable that connects the IPOD to the tv. in stores it is like 50 but on EBAY i gor it for like 13. SWEET! So now when we want to watch a movie i move it from the hard drive to the IPOD and we watch it.... i am thinking this is AWESOME!

So K misses Ben 10... i checked ITunes and i got 13 episodes for $13... so now k can watch ben 10... and its only 20 min of TV as opposed to a cartoon turning into another cartoon and another.... much easier to monitor his TV this way... man... i love this new set up...


Erin said...

Who knew your were so tech-saavy?

Liesl said...

Nice job, Lauren! Ian and I don't do cable either. We got rid of it long ago to stay out of debt and save more money. We actually just download our TV shows, and use Netflix for everything else. We are so happy without cable!!