Thursday, March 26, 2009

HIS son

HIS son has had a rough day... Apparently nothing i have been doing has been acceptable all day. The most recent atrocity is that i wouldn't let him have a soda. Never mind that we don't have any more and usually don't have any at all in the house... so after about 10 minutes of screaming and yelling at me. I sent him to his room. When he had calmed down and apologized to me I let him out. Then he told me that it really was my fault because i just wouldn't let him have a soda. SO he started yelling and screaming again... so... back into the room... through the door i hear this

"mom! You better let me out of here! I mean it! If you dont im gonna tell daddy on you! And he believes me!"

All was resolved in time. He finally apologized and gave me a hug. But it was a rough road to get there.

It was a frustrating afternoon. Being a mom can be really hard some days. But there are moments that make it all worth while. That teary hug at the end of the struggle, and the "I love you mom." Make me realize that as hard as it is to fight him, i am trying to mold him into the righteous man that God wants him to be. And that is worth the fight. I just pray daily that i wont fail. :)

I realized that while i meant the title of this blog to imply that K was acting like Daddys child today... ;) By the end of it... i was thinking about it as His son... What a privledge... :)


Bradley said...

Be careful Lauren or James might spank you if you're notty! That is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Great post!! :) I've had a rough day with my two today too. I appreciate your words reminding me that it really is important what we are doing everyday and to cherish those tender moments! :)