Monday, March 30, 2009


As a pre-cursor to this blog... i need to say. I was extremely hesitant to even post about this. The reason being, the last time we did something like this we felt really bad because some of our good friends were upset that they weren't invited. PLEASE! Dont make us feel bad about this. We really needed this break and it just works out for all of our scheduals and the dynamic between the four of us just works. So we take this weekend every once and a while and have a great time. We love all our friends and i never mean to make anyone feel left out or upset. So MUCH LOVE to all my friends!

Anyway... this weekend was our girls weekend. The four of us took off to Salt Lake for some much needed R&R. Here are some Pics of the adventure! I wish we would have taken more! But alas... it escapes the mind.

Here are some pictures of our midnight Wendys Frosty RUn. MMMMMMM.... Emily was obviously not enthused about having her picture taken.

And here is a Picture of one of the waiters... I personaly dont go for the pony tail thing... but whatever... :)

And here is a shot at the Crocs store.... got some new sandals and my feets are lovin it! Notice my cute new shirt!!!!

When i returned home the house was in relative order... laundry done... and this kids and hubby happy to see me! Thanks to all the husbands for taking the kids and letting us get away!


Jeff and Jen said...
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James and Lauren said...

Sorry! Fixed it!

Jeff and Jen said...

I was just teasing you :)

Heather!! said...

aw, good for you ladies, how funn!!