Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surgical Cap (this post is for Emily)

So Em... this is what i came up with. Got the idea online and then improved on it a little. Looks cute on... but i don't have long hair so it wouldn't work on me. But i tried it on a friend and it works great. Just put your hair in a low ponytail and put the cap on. Then tie the ribbon under the ponytail and wrap it around and tie it on top again... Super easy... Like it? let me know if you want changes... if not i will send it with mom. I have another one too that is just gathered at the back and not so bulky for if you want to just shove your hair under it. I will send that one too... love you!

More Family Pictures

Family!!! Let me know what pictures you want and what sizes

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Washing machine crisis averted!

Went to do some laundry last night and guess what? the washer was on the fritz... this is the second time the dreaded "F21" message has come up.

When we bought this house we were planning on buying some scratch and dent washer and dryer. But my grandmother offered to buy us some new ones as a housewarming present. WAH HOO! So i hunted consumer reports for the best front loader. I had heard some bad things about the Neptune... so i wanted to make sure we wouldn't get a lemon. After checking everything out... we decided on the Kenmore HE. At the time they were the best rated. It came with a 2 year warantee. After that was up we didnt have the money to renew it. So i let it lapse and prayed!

Well one month after this happens (of course) the washer "F21"s us... Drainege problems. James figured it out though and saved us a $400 repairman visit... (yes thats how much it would have cost) Then last night!!! GRRRR... so tonight i am stressed. It was a long day and i just wanted clean underwear!

We cant figure it out and i am on the verge of tears. We just cant afford this right now. But My sweet husband reassures me that its goign to be ok and we will work somethign out. Then he tries one more thing. And VIOLA! It works. So I am washing my whites and getting ready for bed finally! After mopping up the enormous mess that the thing made!

I am so greatful for Daddy. I realized a long time ago that he is my perfect match. Somehow we never get too stressed at the same time. We are able to lift each other when the other is down and that is a huge blessing. He had a busy night tonight... work... then pretty much as soon as he got hom efrom work... bishopbric meetings and then i know he just wanted to rest... but he fixed the machine. I love that he did that for me. He fixes my life in every way... and so even the hard times dont seem so hard. So MUAH to you love!

Family Pictures

Last summer our ward had a service auction luau. Everyone donated items they had made or services. My friend Jamie takes awesome pictures... so i was saving my points in the hopes that i would win her family picture session. And i did! But being that i was great with child... i asked if we could put it off until spring. So here are two of the pictures. I will post more later. But i wanted to give you a taste! For family members... dont worry... once i get the rest i will be getting you copies. This tractor picture is AWESOME! I just know that Wendy and Grandma are going to love it! A big thanks to Jamie. I just cant believe how talented she is! And i am so grateful!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Couple things

So... sorry. No pictures again today. But! Two things i am really excited about right now. My friend told me about a website called read the scriptures. You put in what your scripture reading goal is and it sends you a daily reading over your email to get it accomplished! So excited for this! Thanks Cat!

Also. I found an idea for a little girls dress online. A is too small to make it work now. But they are ADORABLE! For now i will keep it secret. (unless i already told you... :) but I bought most of the stuff today for it so once it is done i will post a picture!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A fresh spring feeling!

We are getting family pictures taken soon... and so i felt like i needed to get back to blond! And i feel like me again! Ever since i had K my hair has been a little darker. Still a dark blond... but i kept it light with highlights. Going darker was fun... but this feels better! Plus! THis was the FIRST time in a long time that i actually LOVE the cut and color! Thanks Marcy! If you live in the Area... hit up the Wild Mane in gooding! Marcy and Em are awesome!

And while canning is usualy a fall sport... thanks to Cat... i found strawberris for 50 cents a lb at walmart! So i bought 15... gave away 2... was going to give away three more... but i forgot and they went bad in my van... oops! and used the other 10 to make 13 jars of jam and 5 jars of strawberry syrup. Daddy is a very happy man... and it appears i have found somethign K likes! Upon request we had pancakes with the syrup for 3 meals straght! hahaha... gotta love my men! THis was the first time that i have made cooked jam and it was actually easy and i think way better than freezer jam! imagine that! The weather has been delightful here and i just LOVE the fresh spring feeling i have! I hope its a great day for everyone!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Week in Review

So blogger uploaded my pictures backwards... so my weeks sequence wont match up. But i am sure that most of you are of above average intelligence and can figure it out... ;) We had a pretty good week.

Aunt Chelsea came for a visit. We just kinda hung out here for a couple of days. Dyed her hair and were going to paint my bedroom but decided that that was too much work for our lazy week. Then we headed to cache valley. Had a great time with gram, rob and wendy. I love every opporotunity to visit sugar and spice. If you ever lived in cache valley you know what i am talking about! Also... K pretty much adores wendy... so he needed his wendy fix.

My son thinks he is a photographer. He took this picture of the tractor below. I would say that about 75 percent of the time he gets pretty cool pictures. Every time i go to upload pictures from my camera there are always a BUNCH that he has sneaked. At some point i want to get him his own digital camera becuase he really does seem to love it and has some natural talent. I think this picture of the tractor is pretty cool!

Sadly we had to leave chelsea to go home. We will see her soon though since she is coming to Salt Lake for college in the fall.

When we got home Daddy and grandpa had caught 2 five gallon buckets worth of crappie... (i know... sounds gross... its actually pronounces croppie. its a kind of fish) So daddy was up till midnight cleaning out fish and bagging them to freeze. He should be eating fish for a long time.

Sunday was the best sunday we have had in a long time! It was stake conference and so daddy didnt have bishopric meetings and i didnt have ward choir. THis meant that we pretty much had all sunday to be together and hang out. We read books and made strawberry syrup and watched a movie and went for a walk. It was great. I love my family and it was SOOOOO nice to just relax and have time to spend together. THis is a picture of A supervising out syrup making activities!
Had to include this picture to torment Brad and Jason

The tractor picture
Chilin at Grandmas

Grandma goodness!

I just thought that this moment was too precious to ignore. Dont you think this pink and brown velour outfit looks like something Emily would wear?!

She went on an illegal tractor ride since i am sure that she exceeds the weight limit... although probably not by much. :) BUt K enjoyed it so i cant worry too much.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little help please... and Rockin the Faux-Hawk... and i know i spelled it wrong.

Sooooo. here is my cutie rockin the faux-hawk. I got the clip at a kiosk in the south town mall! Its perfect for her fine hair! I am going to try to recreate it!

Also! I need your help! Down at the bottom of this post I have a picture of a wipe case that i made. I am thinking about selling them on etsy. Simmilar things sell for between 8 and 15 dollars. I saw one at the south towne mall for 13 and thought that was WAY too much. What do you think? How much would you pay? Im not going to tell you how much it would cost to make them. But its not that bad. Let me know! They had cheaper looking ones for 5... but i dont want to make cheap ugly things. Plus... i think mine is cuter!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Overheard in the ward...

So you HAVE to go to this site if you are LDS... seriously... its hilarious. And read the older ones too. Perfect Sunday activity... :)

Overheard in the ward...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pony Watch '09

So my almost 5 month old has a nice little pony tail going on. I decided that i want to record the growth of said hair for all to see... so you can all be jealous... at least those of you with babies with no hair! hehehehe... Here is the first picture i took of A with a Pony tail. Jan 09.

And here she is today. I didnt do it wet... so there is no cute curl... oh well.
A picture with my finger so i can tangibly measure against future photos. I know this is a lame post. But i am bored. DAddy took K fishing today and my house is actually clean... so i am bored!

Friday, April 10, 2009

FOOD!!! and blankets

We have success! Today while K was napping A was acting really hungry. It was still an hour until she was due for a bottle, so i thought... what the heck... lets try solids again. When i tried them before she HATED IT! I even gave her fruit and she just gagged and sputtered. So today we tried green beans... not my first choice for a first food because the texture is gross... but TA-DA! She ate it! I wont say that she liked it all that much or that she is all that good at eating yet. But she didnt gag and sputter and look like she was going to throw up! so i feel this has been a successful day!

In other matters. James always likes to sleep with "weight". But lately he has taken this to what i feel is an extreme. Here is a picture of his side of the bed. We have to sleep with separate blankets because I like to sleep with a more normal blanket count of 1... Here we have pictured 7 blankets... 7! (2 are hiding under the mound.) 2 of which are king size and so he folds them in half... How am i ever supposed to make the bed like this...? his side would be like 2 feet taller than mine... (sigh) I am hopeful that as it starts to warm up he will reduce the blanket count.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bouncing queen...

Here is a video of As favorite toy! She has finally got it figured out... this camera has really sucky quality... but better than nothing...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Soccer Adventures

So we signed K up for soccer this year. I missed his first game last week because of girls weekend. But today's game was awesome. The fireballs (Thats the name of their team) Did great! It was FREEZING. But for the most part the kids took it in stride. Our team is made up of almost all 4 year olds from our subdivision. Which is nice because we just meet at the school behind the subdivision for practice... or what passes for practice with 12 four year olds kicking soccer balls around. Its a pretty good time all around. K has a very distinct strategy for playing soccer... if he cant get the ball... he just falls down and trips everyone else up. So he spent half the game on the ground. At one point he found some plastic and was pretty entranced with that for a while too. SO here are some pictures from the big game. We lost pretty bad... (if we were keeping score) But the other team had a kid who was pretty big... so i think they cheated.

This is pretty much what most of the game looked like... all the kids in a big clump running around together.

I like this picture because you can see the absolute joy in ks face... even though its like 30 degrees...

This was at the beginning of the game and he said his chin was cold... so we wrapped sisters blanket around his face. Hey... it worked.

And here is a cute picture of the princess... Just couldnt resist... look at those eyelashes! THey are rivaling Ks...

Had to put this one in... the freezing parents... and my awesome friend EMily in her sweet outfit... love the sunglasses!
And here is a picture of K tripping everyone else up... he is at the bottom of that pile... hahaha

And finaly... here is a picture of one of the finishing touches i did on as Room... Such a true statement...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Most Amazing Women

I have the unique privileged of being related to some of the most amazing women I know. My sisters. While i still find myself thinking about Chelsea in terms of the 11 year old she was when i left home sometimes... in truth she is a vibrant strong willed pretty much grown up woman... And i consider them my best friends.

I was thinking the other day about best friends. And truely i think they are. WHen i am in crisis or upset... they are the people i think to call first. THey are the people i miss the most when they arent around... so i think that qualifies them.

So as their sister i just want to let them know how much they mean to me.

I am proud of them. THey are both strong women who can handle a lot more than i think i ever could. THey are both on the brink of the rest of their lives and the choices they make now are more important than they ever will be... But they are smart and i know that in the end, although the road may be hard, they will be fine. I wish that i could take away a little of the pain that life will have in store for them... although i am still really young too and wish i could alleveiate some of the pain that is in store for myself as well! :) So some advice to these women I love...

Call home. I know that You still live at home. But when you leave... call home. THat is how we keep together. Family is the greatest strengh we have. Someday you will have your own families... but even now... my calls home are my lifeline some days. If you dont keep those relationships strong, they arent there when you need them.

Do all the small stuff... you know... the seminary answers... read your scriptures... say your prayers... blah blah... it seems small but those are the real things. It centers your life and helps you keep first things first.

Keep your eye on the prize... Sometimes today seems to hard... but there is purpose. THere is something greater ahead. So keep going. The hard days will just be a bad memory someday and they arent worth your worry. I heard a quote once and wrote it in my scriptures... "worrying does not empty tomorrow of its trouble... it empties today of its strength."

I found this quote on a friends blog... It gives me strength... I love you and i pray for you every day. Kaden does too actualy... its pretty cute! Miss you tons!

"You need His help, and you know that you need His help.
You cannot do it alone.
You will come to realize that and recognize that more and more as the years pass.
So live that in good conscience you can speak with the Lord.
Get on your knees and thank Him for His goodness to you
and express to Him the righteous desires of your hearts.

The miracle of it all is that He hears. He responds.
He answers--not always as we might wish He would answer,
but there is no question in my mind that He answers."

-Gordon B. Hinckley