Friday, April 10, 2009

FOOD!!! and blankets

We have success! Today while K was napping A was acting really hungry. It was still an hour until she was due for a bottle, so i thought... what the heck... lets try solids again. When i tried them before she HATED IT! I even gave her fruit and she just gagged and sputtered. So today we tried green beans... not my first choice for a first food because the texture is gross... but TA-DA! She ate it! I wont say that she liked it all that much or that she is all that good at eating yet. But she didnt gag and sputter and look like she was going to throw up! so i feel this has been a successful day!

In other matters. James always likes to sleep with "weight". But lately he has taken this to what i feel is an extreme. Here is a picture of his side of the bed. We have to sleep with separate blankets because I like to sleep with a more normal blanket count of 1... Here we have pictured 7 blankets... 7! (2 are hiding under the mound.) 2 of which are king size and so he folds them in half... How am i ever supposed to make the bed like this...? his side would be like 2 feet taller than mine... (sigh) I am hopeful that as it starts to warm up he will reduce the blanket count.


Heather!! said...

ilove foody faced babies =]

Michael and Cordie said...

such a cute little girl and your husband is so funny!

Bradley said...

James your whale blubber should be enough insulation, you don't need to suffocate Lauren!