Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A fresh spring feeling!

We are getting family pictures taken soon... and so i felt like i needed to get back to blond! And i feel like me again! Ever since i had K my hair has been a little darker. Still a dark blond... but i kept it light with highlights. Going darker was fun... but this feels better! Plus! THis was the FIRST time in a long time that i actually LOVE the cut and color! Thanks Marcy! If you live in the Area... hit up the Wild Mane in gooding! Marcy and Em are awesome!

And while canning is usualy a fall sport... thanks to Cat... i found strawberris for 50 cents a lb at walmart! So i bought 15... gave away 2... was going to give away three more... but i forgot and they went bad in my van... oops! and used the other 10 to make 13 jars of jam and 5 jars of strawberry syrup. Daddy is a very happy man... and it appears i have found somethign K likes! Upon request we had pancakes with the syrup for 3 meals straght! hahaha... gotta love my men! THis was the first time that i have made cooked jam and it was actually easy and i think way better than freezer jam! imagine that! The weather has been delightful here and i just LOVE the fresh spring feeling i have! I hope its a great day for everyone!


Heather!! said...

your hair looks good, i wish for a lighter blonde, too, haaha, i just blogged about it, coincidence, or what??

Mame Voelker said...

Lookin' good! I wish I had some strawberry jam right now!