Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pony Watch '09

So my almost 5 month old has a nice little pony tail going on. I decided that i want to record the growth of said hair for all to see... so you can all be jealous... at least those of you with babies with no hair! hehehehe... Here is the first picture i took of A with a Pony tail. Jan 09.

And here she is today. I didnt do it wet... so there is no cute curl... oh well.
A picture with my finger so i can tangibly measure against future photos. I know this is a lame post. But i am bored. DAddy took K fishing today and my house is actually clean... so i am bored!


The Miller 5 Pack said...

She is just so cute!!!!!! I love her smile!

Jennifer said...

Lauren! When I first got onto your blog, I thought I added you to my list because that's what I always do when I find a good friend. Well, aparently I didn't. When you left a post for me today, I wondered why you hadn't blogged in forever...duh. I'm retarded! So anyway, you are now officially added to my reader and I will be snoopin' you way more often!