Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Washing machine crisis averted!

Went to do some laundry last night and guess what? the washer was on the fritz... this is the second time the dreaded "F21" message has come up.

When we bought this house we were planning on buying some scratch and dent washer and dryer. But my grandmother offered to buy us some new ones as a housewarming present. WAH HOO! So i hunted consumer reports for the best front loader. I had heard some bad things about the Neptune... so i wanted to make sure we wouldn't get a lemon. After checking everything out... we decided on the Kenmore HE. At the time they were the best rated. It came with a 2 year warantee. After that was up we didnt have the money to renew it. So i let it lapse and prayed!

Well one month after this happens (of course) the washer "F21"s us... Drainege problems. James figured it out though and saved us a $400 repairman visit... (yes thats how much it would have cost) Then last night!!! GRRRR... so tonight i am stressed. It was a long day and i just wanted clean underwear!

We cant figure it out and i am on the verge of tears. We just cant afford this right now. But My sweet husband reassures me that its goign to be ok and we will work somethign out. Then he tries one more thing. And VIOLA! It works. So I am washing my whites and getting ready for bed finally! After mopping up the enormous mess that the thing made!

I am so greatful for Daddy. I realized a long time ago that he is my perfect match. Somehow we never get too stressed at the same time. We are able to lift each other when the other is down and that is a huge blessing. He had a busy night tonight... work... then pretty much as soon as he got hom efrom work... bishopbric meetings and then i know he just wanted to rest... but he fixed the machine. I love that he did that for me. He fixes my life in every way... and so even the hard times dont seem so hard. So MUAH to you love!


Heather!! said...

aw, so il ove love, and a handy man, haaha, laundry machines issues are scary, good thing for your knight...in non-dingy armor, apparently ;]

Jeff and Jen said...

I love the picture of you two...you look so beautiful! Husbands just make things so much better, don't they. Good thing we have them for eternity!