Monday, April 20, 2009

A Week in Review

So blogger uploaded my pictures backwards... so my weeks sequence wont match up. But i am sure that most of you are of above average intelligence and can figure it out... ;) We had a pretty good week.

Aunt Chelsea came for a visit. We just kinda hung out here for a couple of days. Dyed her hair and were going to paint my bedroom but decided that that was too much work for our lazy week. Then we headed to cache valley. Had a great time with gram, rob and wendy. I love every opporotunity to visit sugar and spice. If you ever lived in cache valley you know what i am talking about! Also... K pretty much adores wendy... so he needed his wendy fix.

My son thinks he is a photographer. He took this picture of the tractor below. I would say that about 75 percent of the time he gets pretty cool pictures. Every time i go to upload pictures from my camera there are always a BUNCH that he has sneaked. At some point i want to get him his own digital camera becuase he really does seem to love it and has some natural talent. I think this picture of the tractor is pretty cool!

Sadly we had to leave chelsea to go home. We will see her soon though since she is coming to Salt Lake for college in the fall.

When we got home Daddy and grandpa had caught 2 five gallon buckets worth of crappie... (i know... sounds gross... its actually pronounces croppie. its a kind of fish) So daddy was up till midnight cleaning out fish and bagging them to freeze. He should be eating fish for a long time.

Sunday was the best sunday we have had in a long time! It was stake conference and so daddy didnt have bishopric meetings and i didnt have ward choir. THis meant that we pretty much had all sunday to be together and hang out. We read books and made strawberry syrup and watched a movie and went for a walk. It was great. I love my family and it was SOOOOO nice to just relax and have time to spend together. THis is a picture of A supervising out syrup making activities!
Had to include this picture to torment Brad and Jason

The tractor picture
Chilin at Grandmas

Grandma goodness!

I just thought that this moment was too precious to ignore. Dont you think this pink and brown velour outfit looks like something Emily would wear?!

She went on an illegal tractor ride since i am sure that she exceeds the weight limit... although probably not by much. :) BUt K enjoyed it so i cant worry too much.


Liesl said...

Wow, what a week! How cool that Chelsea got to visit you guys!! She's one great girl, that's for sure. I like the pictures your cute son took. Better than some of mine!

em said...

addy may have my face, but she has YOUR BOOBS!!!

em said...

and by the way... the only velor outfit I have is black, not brown and it's Juicy Couture... booyah. Her butt probably looks as good as mine in it because of her "bi-per"