Sunday, May 31, 2009

its going to be a long one... so prepare yourself!

Even though its only been two weeks since my last picture post... a lot has happened! So here we go!

Brad and Jenny moved back! WOo hoo! So we went out on the river with them and took the kids! It was so fun and we love having them back in the area! Here is A in her camo gear. Of course we made sure it was still girly. The little bottom has lace on the butt but this post was already too long so i had to cut it out.

Here is A with Tylita. They seem to tolerate each other although they are too young to relaly play. A HATED this life vest. Its a little big so we ended up haveing to take it off in the end.

Next was a trip to California. It worked out so that all four kids were able to be home at the same time. This was great! It was my parents 30th wedding anniversary so we threw them a party. Then we all went to DIsneyland! K was tall enough to ride all the rides, so we didnt even end up going to fantasy land to toon town! He loved all the rollercoasters. I cant believe how tall that kid is.
Here is my dad with A on the tram to Disneyland.

Here is Daddy and K on the Jungle cruise. My camera freaked out this day and so i dont have many disney pictures... sad...

Here I am with A in line for the submarine ride... she was zonked out and the carrier was perfect! Everone needs one of these!

I dont remember what ride this was... but obviously everyone is entranced... :)

And here is the whole family! My brothers wife, my brother my sister, A, my dad, my mom, Daddy, K, Me, and my sister! By the way... chelsea is graduating from high school today! Congrats sis! I love you!

It didnt look like the weather was going to cooperate while we were there, but we lucked out and there was one afternoon that was warm enough to head down to san diego for the beach! K LOVED it and was really angry when we made him leave. A like it at first but then she got sick of it.

Here is her first moment in the water! Not sure what to think...

OOOH! But look at this stuff called sand... she likes this!!!

long one 1

Here is a after discovering the sand she discovered waves and didnt like what she found!

K played the same game i used to! He was playing tag with the sea... ah... youth!

And we built an AWESOME sandcastle!

Nathan dug an ENROMOUS hole... and then stuck K in it! hehehe

Afterwards K needed to wash all the sand off to Nathan took him down to the water and threw him in... K wasnt too excited about that. but it was pretty funny.

long one 2

After the beach we went out to dinner and emily wore an adult diaper... HAHAHAHA! She actually peed in it. I have to put this in the post to embarass her. HAHAHAHA! I am still laughing.

In Irvine there is a park that has a train and a zoo and paddle boats and stuff. We went there and had a great time. It was such a nice afternoon! K even got to ride a pony!

And Finally! My dad found a canoo abandoned by his work... so of course Daddy wanted to bring it home... Can you guess how we got it home?

Thats right... strapped it on and drove 12 hours with a canoo on my van... sigh... but it worked and Daddy is happy! We had an amazing trip and I miss my family already!

6 month appointment

Here are some hilights of the 6 month appointment. We are seeing a new doctor. We had some problems with the last one... so on we go. But this office had a mirror next to the bed. BEST INVENTION EVER! She spent almost the whole time playing with herself in the mirror! So cute!

Then she dicovered the paper... it was pretty much ripped to shreds by the end of the visit.

And then... dun dun dun... the shots. While she was NOT happy. She got over it really fast!

Here she is smiling at me 30 seconds later. Not the biggest smile... but from then on she was fine.

6 Month stats...
Height 26 inches. 75th percentile
Weight 17 lb 4 oz. 75th percentile.
Cant remember head but it was in the 105th percentile!!! i dont think it looks that big!

Friday, May 29, 2009

You Asked For It

You asked for more emily. Be careful what you ask for! :) I just finished scrapping my brothers wedding... so here are some pages!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6 months and Camping

Soooo... A is 6 months old! I cant believe it! We still absolutely adore her and K is her number one fan. He will come home from playing with friends because he misses his sister. And the other day this is how the convo went...

"Mom... its a lot more fun here since we have A now..."
"Oh really"
"Yeah... it wasnt fun before."

So thus far no real jealousy from him. Today he even told us that it was time to have a brother now since we already have a sister... hmmm... i think we will have to wait on that one.

A really isnt doing a whole lot. She is a pretty lazy girl. She CAN roll... but chooses not to. Nothing is really worth all that effort to her. She is sitting up like a pro though! When she cries she says mama... and i know that this is just a coincidence... but i still LOVE it! She is really an amazingly content baby and a joy to be around. I just love that when she smiles... which is all the time. It is with her whole face! However... whenever she sees me with the camera she decides seh wants to eat it and no smile is to be found. So i have to be tricky to catch it.

Here are some pictures of her 6 month birthday. K fed her ice cream and you can see how that went over. And the picture at the bottom is a CLASSIC Addy look. She is always chewing on her bottom lip. I just LOVE this girl!In other news... we went camping for memorial day! I LOVE photoshop! I didnt have to download 16 pics... just one... awesome! The top row is us in the truck headed out of town... all clean! And we just get scarrier from there. It was a really fun trip! Mike found a great spot with trees for our hammocks and a babbling brook running right next to camp. AND... i have never slept so well camping. Which i attribute to the white noise from the stream. The second day we were there almost everyone left to go scout out the mountains. A and Bug and I stayed behind. A slept and Bug and I read. It was so relaxing! It did rain on us. but not for long and it was warm so we didnt mind. By the end... K was a MESS! The last picture is our messy proof! Anyway! It was a successful memorial day! I am still recovering from it now though. Lots of laundry and crap to put away. Should get it all done just in time to pack for our trip to California! The joys of motherhood.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009


New addiction! Digital scrapbooking! So easy! I cant even believe that i waited this long to turn to the dark side. I have scrapped almost a whole year in the last 24 hours! Here are some samples of my new obsession!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Honk Shoo

Well... the concert was cute... but our son had a few issues... He did great for the first part. But after i took this snipet of video he got ADD or something. He kept trying to sing right into the mike... sitting down durring songs... at the end they all had american flags for a song and he started a sword fight which resulted in another little boy getting his eye poked... so all in all he was a little embarassing. But still cute. Here is all the video i could get of him. this is their snoring grandpa song... this is for you dad! hehehe

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Park Days

This is a little late. But i figure all the lovers of my children deserved a new post about them. So here goes. We hit the park last week... or maybe these were from the week before... im not really sure. But anyway! It is finally park weather! Wah Hoo! K loves our wednesdays in the park. We have a play group every wednesday and he loves tromping around with all his buddies. Here he is.. my little man is on a mission! He takes his fun very seriously!
And here is little As first experience with a swing. She seems to love it. I was super nervous though seeing how she is so tiny in there! And yes... her ears do stick out... but lucky for her she is a girl... and by the time is stops being cute... which i dont know that it ever will... since i think they are adorable!!!... she can cover them with her hair.

Things are pretty status quo around here. k has his big tavaci concert saturday. I will blog more about that then. But i am so excited for him! he is so dang cute singing his little songs. Maybe he will be a singer like his mother after all!
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bottle Holding

Just had to add this cute picture! These are both taken with the phone so they arent the highest quality. But you can still see how dang cute my kids are! But on to the reason for my post!!!.....

We have achieved bottle holding proficiency!!! Well almost anyway. About half the time she will hold her bottle now. And i think that the way that she does this is adorable!!! She grabs on to the bottom... such a lazy baby. Seriously... she really is a lazy baby! But we totally adore her... so oh well!

Monday, May 4, 2009

We WIll Rock You!

K is taking a singing class called Tavaci. He seems to like it and here is his favorite song!

By the way... he had a skateboarding accident so his nose is scabbed up...