Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6 months and Camping

Soooo... A is 6 months old! I cant believe it! We still absolutely adore her and K is her number one fan. He will come home from playing with friends because he misses his sister. And the other day this is how the convo went...

"Mom... its a lot more fun here since we have A now..."
"Oh really"
"Yeah... it wasnt fun before."

So thus far no real jealousy from him. Today he even told us that it was time to have a brother now since we already have a sister... hmmm... i think we will have to wait on that one.

A really isnt doing a whole lot. She is a pretty lazy girl. She CAN roll... but chooses not to. Nothing is really worth all that effort to her. She is sitting up like a pro though! When she cries she says mama... and i know that this is just a coincidence... but i still LOVE it! She is really an amazingly content baby and a joy to be around. I just love that when she smiles... which is all the time. It is with her whole face! However... whenever she sees me with the camera she decides seh wants to eat it and no smile is to be found. So i have to be tricky to catch it.

Here are some pictures of her 6 month birthday. K fed her ice cream and you can see how that went over. And the picture at the bottom is a CLASSIC Addy look. She is always chewing on her bottom lip. I just LOVE this girl!In other news... we went camping for memorial day! I LOVE photoshop! I didnt have to download 16 pics... just one... awesome! The top row is us in the truck headed out of town... all clean! And we just get scarrier from there. It was a really fun trip! Mike found a great spot with trees for our hammocks and a babbling brook running right next to camp. AND... i have never slept so well camping. Which i attribute to the white noise from the stream. The second day we were there almost everyone left to go scout out the mountains. A and Bug and I stayed behind. A slept and Bug and I read. It was so relaxing! It did rain on us. but not for long and it was warm so we didnt mind. By the end... K was a MESS! The last picture is our messy proof! Anyway! It was a successful memorial day! I am still recovering from it now though. Lots of laundry and crap to put away. Should get it all done just in time to pack for our trip to California! The joys of motherhood.


Jeff and Jen said...

Wow...I didn't think a kid could get that dirty.

Camping looked like it was a lot of fun. Glad your back though!

cutiedaisie said...

So Fun!!! Aren't little girls the best! I put little pigtails in Sam's hair the other day but forgot to take a picture! You make me miss camping. Your family is so cute!

Michele said...


I'm not sure what's going on with my rar files! I tried downloading the kit to my dh's computer, but 4shared keeps telling me that it can't download because the server has been reset. (Still trying to figure that one out). But I am going to go use my moms computer to download the kit onto a disc, and bring it back to my house and rezip it as a winzip file, and I will leave you a comment as soon as I get it done! I'm sorry it's been such a pain! I'm still learning at this in some ways, so I sincerly thank you for letting me know it won't open!


Liesl said...

Now I want to get photoshop! What a great thing!!