Sunday, May 31, 2009

its going to be a long one... so prepare yourself!

Even though its only been two weeks since my last picture post... a lot has happened! So here we go!

Brad and Jenny moved back! WOo hoo! So we went out on the river with them and took the kids! It was so fun and we love having them back in the area! Here is A in her camo gear. Of course we made sure it was still girly. The little bottom has lace on the butt but this post was already too long so i had to cut it out.

Here is A with Tylita. They seem to tolerate each other although they are too young to relaly play. A HATED this life vest. Its a little big so we ended up haveing to take it off in the end.

Next was a trip to California. It worked out so that all four kids were able to be home at the same time. This was great! It was my parents 30th wedding anniversary so we threw them a party. Then we all went to DIsneyland! K was tall enough to ride all the rides, so we didnt even end up going to fantasy land to toon town! He loved all the rollercoasters. I cant believe how tall that kid is.
Here is my dad with A on the tram to Disneyland.

Here is Daddy and K on the Jungle cruise. My camera freaked out this day and so i dont have many disney pictures... sad...

Here I am with A in line for the submarine ride... she was zonked out and the carrier was perfect! Everone needs one of these!

I dont remember what ride this was... but obviously everyone is entranced... :)

And here is the whole family! My brothers wife, my brother my sister, A, my dad, my mom, Daddy, K, Me, and my sister! By the way... chelsea is graduating from high school today! Congrats sis! I love you!

It didnt look like the weather was going to cooperate while we were there, but we lucked out and there was one afternoon that was warm enough to head down to san diego for the beach! K LOVED it and was really angry when we made him leave. A like it at first but then she got sick of it.

Here is her first moment in the water! Not sure what to think...

OOOH! But look at this stuff called sand... she likes this!!!

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Liesl said...

I love these pictures! My favorite is the one of your entire family at Disneyland!! What a great trip you had!!