Thursday, May 14, 2009

Park Days

This is a little late. But i figure all the lovers of my children deserved a new post about them. So here goes. We hit the park last week... or maybe these were from the week before... im not really sure. But anyway! It is finally park weather! Wah Hoo! K loves our wednesdays in the park. We have a play group every wednesday and he loves tromping around with all his buddies. Here he is.. my little man is on a mission! He takes his fun very seriously!
And here is little As first experience with a swing. She seems to love it. I was super nervous though seeing how she is so tiny in there! And yes... her ears do stick out... but lucky for her she is a girl... and by the time is stops being cute... which i dont know that it ever will... since i think they are adorable!!!... she can cover them with her hair.

Things are pretty status quo around here. k has his big tavaci concert saturday. I will blog more about that then. But i am so excited for him! he is so dang cute singing his little songs. Maybe he will be a singer like his mother after all!
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Mame Voelker said...

I can't wait to see you and those cute kids in just a couple of weeks!

Heather!! said...

um, i doubt her ears will evvver lose cuteness--you call THAT sticking out??! <3 the kiddies post :)

Liesl said...

Awesome pics, Lauren!! I can't believe how big your kids are getting!!