Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blue Eyes

Look at my cool photoshoping!! Here are the two cousins and their blue eyes. The clan got together on fathers day. I forgot to turn the pictures right side up and I didnt feel like going back and doing it again. Sorry... But we got a some "baby leggs"... sooo cute! I love it.

A is 7 months old now! I cant believe it! SHe doesnt do too much. She is a pro at sitting up and she is very interactive. Everyone comments on how happy she is. SHe almost always has a smile on her face. SHe is truely a joy to be around. Most days I am greatful that she is still not mobile at all. But there are days when i think that its time to start rolling at least! hehehe... oh well.
Her newest trick is that she shakes her head back and forth when we are doing something she doesnt like... yes... its true... my daughter is a genius! She can tell us No already... im in for some big trouble i think.

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