Sunday, June 28, 2009


I had to be at church early today to practice with the choir. And about 5 minutes before church started the fire alarm went off. Usually when this happens I assume some kid pulled it but this time i thought... i should take these things seriously. There could really be a fire.

THen in walks my husband. And i think... no... K knows better than to pull the alarm. My husband then proceeds to tell everyone it is a false alarm and that, sure enough, K pulled it.

Apparently while sitting on the couch with the baby Daddy wasnt really paying attention to K and he asked... "dad... I wonder what this button is for." and as Daddy looks over K pulls it down before he can stop him! UGH! So there is my allotment of embarassment for the day. It was close enough to the meetings that people were already there. Oh well. Could have been worse.

K was devastated and very worried that the cops were going to arest him. I am pretty sure he will never do it again. We had a long talk about it. :)

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