Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th Weekend

For the holiday we headed to Logan for some Cache Valley festivities. We stayed with Aunt Wendy... who of course spoils K rotten. :) For an early birthday present she bought him a digital camera just like ours! (Of course she got it on ebay so it was a good deal) First up was a parade! K took these first two pictures with his new camera! I think he did a good job. But seriously... what police department has a yellow camero?

That night we went to Lewiston for fireworks. K was so tired that he slept through pretty much all of it. But i did manage to get a couple of pictures.

Here is K with Wendy. They sure do love each other!
The next morning Wendy fed us an amazing breakfast... as usual. And K wanted a picture with Dad and A.
Here is K with sparklers. I forgot that one. :) I hope everyone had a great 4th weekend. We sure did!

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