Friday, July 31, 2009

Anniversary Trip

I am SOOOOO Excited! Daddy and I are turning 6 this year! And to celebrate every year we try to do something fun besides just dinner and a movie. One year we went white water rafting, another year we went to a rodeo. Last year we were totally broke so i went to dinner and called it good. But it was a little sad that we werent able to do anything really fun. So this year we scrimped and saved this last month and were able to save enough for this cool hotel we found! Its a freaking castle! And we got an awesome room. The in laws are going to watch the kids for us... and while i am sad to be leaving my baby for the first time. It will be SOOOO nice to sleep in! And there is a sweet breakfast too! Can you tell that I am excited.

This month our goal is to save enough for our park city adventures. I will post pictures later so you can see the fun we have cooked up! I just love my husband! Daddy is an amazing husband and father and i feel so blessed to be able to spend the rest of our lives having fun!

I feel like a princess just looking at this room!


Just Nathan said...

Spending money on expensive things is fun! Happy anniversary!

Seth and Sharon said...

We bad a night away there and loved it, the chocolate mints are divine, we took a lot of them!