Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So I started back on my metformin finally a couple weeks ago and have been feeling GREAT! And losing weight slowly. Usually when i go on the stuff it makes me REALLY sick. This time it hasnt and i just thought, wow... maybe my body is used to it. WRONG.

I figured it out!

I have been eating, i think, really well lately. Last night i had three peices of pie at out enrichment night, (I know. but there were so many good pies and i was a little sugar deprived) and bam... I felt sooooo sick last night and this morning. So i think the trick is to not eat a lot of carbs with the meds and you wont feel like butt. Back to boring eating habits... but its good for me and I have been feeling a lot better about myself since i have been feeling better.


Jeff and Jen said...

You are doing so great! I wish I was motivated. Hopefully this medication will help with the sugar cravings. ;)

Just Nathan said...

Try writing down all the stuff you eat, it helps you to be more aware of it and also is a way of holding yourself accountable.