Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Weekend Ever!

Well... This last Saturday it was six years since I married the greatest guy alive. We have been so happy together and i cant even put into words what his steady strength and love have meant to me. We have gone through tough things together, but they have only made us stronger. I think that it is amazing that we know how to uplift one another in just the right ways. When i am frustrated or down he knows how to pick me up, or let me stew. :) I know that the future is unknown, but at least i know he will be there.
Here wer are 6 years ago, just coming out of the temple

And here we are 6 years later. At our AWESOME hotel.
Sparkling cider on ice. And chocolate! Mmmmmmm...


Garden outside the B&B

Red Lobster for lunch. It was Daddys lifelong dream to eat an enormous lobster there. Weird... i know. But it was nice to be able to make one of his dreams come true since we cant afford a bass boat. :)

Then we went to the UTah Olympic Park it was SOOOOO Fun. I am a big scardy cat, but I braved the fear anyway!

Isnt he so handsome!

Me riding down the zip line. AAAAHHHHH!

At the bottom of the alpine slide. Daddy was taking it at full speed, on two wheels sometimes... i was chicken though and was taking it pretty slow. But it was still really fun!

It was a great weekend. We forgot to bring the camera to temple square the night before. But we ate dinner at the roof. Our table overlooked temple square at sunset! I cant believe i forgot the camera. A... i looked really hot...a nd B... it was gorgeous! We had a blast and it was so nice to be able to spend time together just being a couple again.


Mame Voelker said...

I'm so happy for both of you! Congratulations on six years!

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember that day! Glad you two were able to get away!

The Miller 5 Pack said...

Looks like you two had an amazing time!! Congratulations!!!!! : )

Jeff and Jen said...

Congrats! Looks like you had the ultimate romantic weekend.

M&K Brown said...

You guys don't look like you've changed a bit in those 6 years. Congrats on your anniversary!