Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old Navy

I was at Old navy today because i have only ONE pair of shorts and ONE pair of pants... so i figure i need at least one more. :) They were having a 50% off their clearance sale so i was able to get three pair! For super cheap! But that is beside the point.... The fitting room girl is the point....

As I was bringing out a pair of pants I asked her if they were 100% cotton because i really liked them but if they were i needed to get them a size bigger so they would fit once they shrunk... You would think i said something really offensive from the look I got from her...

"You put your jeans in the dryer?"
"Ummm... Yeah"

Another dirty look.

"I lay all my pants out to dry. They last longer and then fit better that way."

I proceeded to tell her that with two kids I don't have time for that and even if i did there are better things to do with my house than lay pants all over them to dry. Guess she caught me in a bad mood. Then i walked away with the pants a size larger because they were indeed 100% cotton. :)

I dont know why some people dont have a filter. But I now have three cute pairs of bottom clothing! Pants capris and shorts... I feel like a new woman! I even got dressed today!

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Jeff and Jen said...

Geez, I dry all of our jeans in the dryer. Glad you straightened her out though. I seriously need to get to OLD Navy soon.