Friday, September 11, 2009

Kiddie Cuteness!

In news totally unrelated to the rest of this post, tonight Daddy and I shucked, cut and bagged 32 cups of corn. The garden harvest has begun! We have been eating corn and various other things from the garden for about a month, but we decided it is time to start freezing and canning the rest now. My mother in law helped me can my first tomato's this last weekend. I think it was 20 bottles! And now i have more to do. Tomorrow we are freezing carrots and onions. I need some goggles! hehe.

And if anyone around here has green peppers they dont want, we would LOVE them!

Here is my cutie patootie! Her hair is getting longer and blonder! I just thoght this was a cute picture. This is pretty much what Daddys room looks like all the time... no... wait... worse. :)

And here are the two rascals. I LOVE these feetie pajamas. They have frogs on them.

And who is this mysterious hooded creature?

OH! Its A! I just love her. Dont worry. no hydrocortisone was ingested. She is carefully supervised. :)


Jeff and Jen said...

So cute! Good job for freezing and canning so much. I wish I was as stocked as you...maybe next year!

Shauna said...

Good to see you having fun with your cute kids and fall canning.