Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Shoes

So shoes have been a little problem for miss A. She hates them. :) Much like her mother. I just cant keep them on her! So I found some shoes that a good friend of mine got her little girl at Target that i liked. I found some material that would work and I made them. Worked great. They are cute and she keeps them on.

Problem? yes. I need to make them out of leather since she is a walker and fabric shoes would quickly become destroyed. Leather is expensive and the kind I would need is kind of expensive... They sell these shoes at Target for a reasonable price, but I am not a fan of corny shoes with hearts and stuff on them.

Solution? YES! I went on EBAY and found a great store that has them for even less than target! AND!!! They have some pretty cute ones! I tried to download a picture but my computer sucks and so that isnt going to work. :) HERES the link to the store. And I think I am going to get her the pair in the picture once we get paid. I actually think I am going to get a couple because you can get 4 and have the same shipping price and if i get them in different sizes we can use them for a long time to come!


Heather!! said...

way to always make me want a little girl, laurennnn ;) LOOK at those shoes!!

Mer said...

You can get great, cheap leather for baby shoes by buying purses at thrift stores and DI and on Ebay. It's usually fabulous quality, and already broken in. You have to watch to find the good stuff -- but an ugly or bland mid-90s purse gives you enough for 4 or 5 pairs of REALLY cute shoes.