Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Tis' Black friday and a good one at that! I am SOOOOO loving today! We got up at three and went to wal mart where we were able to ge tthis awesome laptop I am currently typing on. We also got the kids christmas presents and a couple other misc items we have been needing at serious discounts. I have to say that I was so happy with how everyone was behaving this morning. It was all so polite and well organized. People were saving spots for each other and grabbing things for strangers. I think that a lot of it could be attributed to the new store manager who is in our ward actually. I think he did a great job of organizing the store and implementing changes from last year that made it so much better. My only sadness is that i didnt get a little track suit for A. They only had a few in toddler sizes so they were out by the time i got there. But still it was a pretty good haul!

AND! Then we headed over to home depot. And the christmas tree I wanted was more than 50% off! So we got that too. A perfect day so far if I do say so myself! Hope its a good one for you too!

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Liesl said...

I vowed I would never participate in Black Friday again after one horrible experience. So, congrats to you for having a great one!! Woohoo!!! Post pictures of your Christmas tree!!