Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catching up... again

So... Its time to catch up again. I was uploading pictures to the computer and found some good ones from the last month.

A Few weeks ago we lost power for over three hours! K thought it was great! We lot a TON of tea light candles and our propane camping lantern and snuggled up to read a bunch of books until he fell asleep. Thank goodness for cell phones because that is the only way i was able to fine our matches and lantern in the pitch black dark! hehe

A few weeks ago, K was having a play date with one of his little buddies. I was working on something and suddenly realized that the baby was missing! So i went to check with the boys to see if they knew where she was. And this is what I saw! So cute. They didnt want her to be alone so they brought her outside with them. And she was yelling at them and cheering them on in their jumping festivities.

And then she caught me!

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Chelsea said...

you were doing something... aka... you were on facebook