Friday, November 13, 2009

Fried Chicken

Unfortunately by the time I got the camera, I missed the really good pictures of this moment.

We had fried chicken for dinner the other night and apparently miss A loves fried chicken because after James threw his away we looked over at her and she was leaning over the trash with chicken in both hands chowing down! DISGUSTING... but funny... hehehe... so we needed a picture.

(Dont judge my laundry on the floor... it was laundry day and i make huge piles in the kitchen and then work on them... and if you are judging me then you suck... hehe)


chelsea said...

that is effing sick lauren

cutiedaisie said...

huge piles are the only way to do laundry. I absolutely love the pigtails too! I've been doing them almost every day!

Heather!! said...

LOL!! she knows what's good!! i noticed the laundry AFTER you said something--i thought everybody's laundry looks that way, those piles grow and migrate, i swear!!