Monday, November 9, 2009

Grateful for inspiration

Three plus years ago Daddy graduated with his bachelors. He was offered an amazing opportunity to get his masters by one of his professors. It would have paid tuition plus a monthly stipend. I firmly believe that in a lot of decisions that we make, the Lord expects us to ponder it out in our minds first. Do your research, try to make a logical decision, and then go to him for confirmation. So we did. Sounded like a perfect chance.

But to be honest... we were exhausted with school. DONE... We just wanted to get on with life. Plus, the difference in salary for his profession with a masters vs. a bachelors was insignificant for the most part. We decided that we were going to move on and look for a job. After praying about it we felt good about our decision. There was no lightning bolt or burning yes, but we didn't get a no so we pressed forward.

A month after Daddy graduated we still had no job. But then he got this job and was offered two more in this same area. So we really felt like this was where we were supposed to be.

But I cant tell you how many times over the last three years I have wondered if maybe we shouldn't have stayed and gotten that masters. It really was perfect and he wont ever get a chance like that again.

Then last night we were talking and there are THREE people working as lab techs where Daddy works that have a MASTERS DEGREE... three... because, as fresh college graduates in this economy, with little work experience, they haven't been able to find work. If we had stayed in school, it would have put us looking for a job right after the economy tanked and we would likely be in this same situation.

So today, I am so grateful that we went with our gut on this one. Even though it meant doing something that went against common sense. My heart goes out to those who are struggling right now. People without jobs, or jobs that are not what they were hoping for. I know that there are struggles that we are supposed to weather and we have had our share, but i am thankful that this was not one that was meant for us at this time.

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The Miller 5 Pack said...

Thank you Lauren. I needed to read this today. I love ya!