Sunday, November 22, 2009

Picture Laden birthday post

This post is chalked full of pictures for all those who love miss A but couldnt be there for her party. Here she is in her birthday outfit. I think she looks adorable!

A couple present pictures

And the moment you've all been waiting for! The cake. This was hillarious. I have to say. Usually it goes one of two ways. The baby wants nothing to do with the messy thing, or they dig right in with their hands and have fun.

A decided that this cake was the best thing that ever happened to her... as you will see... hehe
First...she wanted to play with the fire, so we had to restrain her.

And isnt this a cute cake?! Wal Mart... ;)

Hmmm... what is this? I think I will try it...

MMMMM... delicious...

After a few bites she decided that using her hands was too slow... so she dived right in!

Now she picks up the cake and brings the WHOLE thing to her mouth!!


She finished off all but the last of the three layers... pretty impressive if i do say so myself...


Doug and Marilyn said...

Now that girl knows how to take care of a cake. That was hilarious!!

The Miller 5 Pack said...

Hilarious! Love it!!!

...Tyson'r birthday is tomorrow and last year he didn't want anything to do with the cake... I was so disappointed. We'll see what happens tomorrow!