Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A quick Birthday Post!

We are celebrating As birthday Saturday when the in laws can come. But I couldnt let the day pass without comment.

Having A in our home has been one of the greatest joys of my life. Its strange, as a mother, to look at her and remember that she used to be a part of me. Having a son is amazing and while having her is not better, it is so different. I have no idea what its like to be a little boy. So I have gone into motherhood with my son blissfully unaware. But with her, I am terrified. :) I remember my insecurities and fears. I know what it is like to have an amazing mother and i worry that I wont be what she needs me to be. She is beautiful and smart and already a force of nature! I hope that I can foster those qualities in her as she grows. I look at my husband and the men in his family and I know that one day my son will probably prefer to talk hunting and fishing with the guys than snuggle with me on the couch. But her, she can always be mine if i am lucky! I hope that I might be raising one of my future best friends.

A little about my sweet baby...
A has the best little smile. I have been trying to catch it on film, but every time I bring out the camera it vanishes. While she has many smiles... this one is special. She scrunches up her whole face and clenches her teeth with a laughing little smile. It captures my heart every time. :)

She is walking and talking. She says Mama, Dada, Bru-buh (Brother), Baba, Dat(that). Sadly, "Bwap" is not so common anymore. :*(

She is a CLIMBER! She wants to climb on anything she can get a foot up on. She was scaling the stack of metal chairs at church the other day.

She loves her daddy! And she has a special way that she likes for him to carry her. I call it her throne. In the crook of his arm facing outward. If he picks her up she will squirm until she is sitting comfortably in her throne.

She adores her big brother. The two of them are a revelation to me. I hope they always love each other so much. When he gets sent to his room she will go keep him company. And when we shut him in with the door closed she will lay on the floor by the door with her fingers sticking under the door and they will hold hands. I need to get a picture of this because it breaks my heart! He cries for her when he is sad. I truely believe that they were always meant to be together.

She can wave bye bye now! That was just new this week. :)

She is confused by the phone. When we put it to her ear she refuses to keep it there and looks around to figure out where the voice is coming from. And sends a dirty look to the phone.

She LOVES to eat. And she will eat just about anything.

She is fairly social for her age. Most babies parallel play. But A likes to play WITH other kids. Which might come from playing with her big brother.

Im sure that there is more I could tell you about her. But Im tired... :) I adore this little girl and I can only count my blessings that we have been entrusted with two such amazing spirits in our home!

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Awww, she sounds like a sweetie!!