Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Baby... and a gingerbread house

For those of you who just cane get enough of my baby! :) And here is a gingerbread house K and I made! Im proud of us. Although we did make it from a wal mart kit...

And dont give up on this post... although there are quite a few pictures... the best is last!

I caught it on film finally! My favorite smile!

She is already such a girly girl... she loves to carry around clothes and drape them all over herself... :)

A shot of those baby blues...

And the curls!!! Yes folks... thats natural... although i dont know if they will stick around or not... but without them there would be a serious mullet problem going on and you know i would be cutting that off... So thanks to the curls we have not had her first haircut yet. That is probably way down the road with how pretty her hair is... :)

Here we go! So... I dont know why but As funniest moments seem to revolve around food... The other day James and I were in the kitchen and A was very quiet. Daddy went to see what she was doing. Apparently K had left the peanut butter on the short stool open and she wanted some... Of course, we got the camera rather than clean her up right away.

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